Samsung asks court to impose sanctions on Apple for allegedly withholding evidence

“We have the next discovery dispute between Apple and Samsung. This time around, Samsung goes on the offense and wants the United States District Court for the Northern District of California to penalize Apple,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents. “Previously, a couple of lenient but also some more drastic sanctions were imposed on Samsung. Samsung is trying to mitigate the impact of the more drastic ones.”

“It would be too harsh to say that Samsung’s motion for sanctions is a ‘me too’ motion just because Apple won sanctions against Samsung on more than one occasion. It’s quite possible that Apple was less than fully cooperative. I’ve said before that Samsung plays more of those tactical games but Apple certainly doesn’t want to be more forthcoming than necessary. That said, at least the part about documents from other litigations leads me to suspect that what Samsung primarily wants is a delay,” Mueller writes. “Samsung may hope that it will take a while to sort out between the court in California and the ITC as well as other district courts which documents Apple ultimately has to make available to Samsung. The California court can solve the whole problem by providing the clarification Apple requests. In that case, there won’t be a delay, and probably no sanctions.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It is not at all “too harsh” to accuse a blatant copier of yet another act of slavishly copying Apple.

Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

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  1. Oh yes, I am a “rocket scientist” and I see a difference between the real thing and copy 😉

    Of course everybody sees Samsung copying Apple. Copying others in Korea et al seems to be their genetic (DNA) fault. The world needs the courts to put an end to such thievery and punish the likes of Samsung. Whatever it takes.

    1. Geneticists have determined that Koreans are really Japanese that live on the mainland.

      Seriously. Koreans and Japanese populations are genetically indistinguishable.

      I think the Japanese came first.

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