Microsoft set to release Office for Apple iOS devices in October, sources say

“BGR has learned from a reliable source that Microsoft is currently planning to release the company’s full Office suite for not only Apple’s iPad, but for Android tablets as well,” Jonathan S. Geller reports for BGR.

MacDailyNews Take: Android tablets? Are they going to release a version for the Acorn Electron, too?

“The company is targeting November of this year for both launches,” Geller reports. “Additionally, our source has seen Microsoft Office running on an iPad first-hand and has said that it looks almost identical to the previous leak from The Daily a few months back, despite the fact that Microsoft flat out denied that the app was authentic. It is also plausible that Microsoft Office will be coming to the iPhone and iPod touch rather than only the iPad, as we’re told the loading screen in the app clearly said “Office for iOS” and not just iPad.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we explained on February 21, 2012 when Microsoft made their statement regarding talk of Office for iPad:

Nowhere does Microsoft say “it’s just not true.” Microsoft’s statement is a classic non-denial denial and just does not say that Office for iPad won’t be submitted to Apple for approval in the coming weeks.

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    1. LOL!

      Actually, they should probably hurry, before Samsung comes out with an identical-looking “Samsung Office App for Android” first. Microsoft’s copiers will have to work double-time to copy faster than Samsung’s copiers. 😉

  1. I thought they weren’t going to do it because they wanted to screw themselves (or was it Apple) even more. Go Microsoft! Keep up the zero presence in the tablet (read iPad) space. Heck, even BLN doesn’t miss you…

  2. On the positive side, if/when this comes out for android tablets, you can be sure more than 50% of the users will pirate it. And it’s not going to be cheap either. This might be the kind of high profile piracy wake up call that gets other prospective devs to not waste their time on android.

  3. This could be very good for Apple. I keep preaching iOS at the law firm I work for and am continually told that it will NEVER, EVER happen because law firms and their clients all use Word. If they do it well, it could be the final gasping death of Windows and the PC.

    1. BamaNana,

      Keep preaching the iOS and Apple gospel at your law firm. Law firms take FOREVER to change. Hell, some firms still use Word Perfect and insist on transmitting documents by fax. But even blacksmiths eventually drove cars.

      With that being said, while Pages and Numbers are great, they aren’t powerful enough for many professional users including lawyers. Until Apple beefs up iWork, it is unrealistic to expect iWork to replace MS Office on the desktop in many professional environments including law offices.

    2. “iPad at Work” is a book written by tech lawyer David Sparks. Covers how to better use iPad versions of Pages, Numbers, Keynote and others, for maximum work potential.

  4. Apple should have pushed pages and keynote and numbers harder. Hardly anyone uses them especially since they haven’t touched the desktop version in ages.

    I dont know office on a touchscreen device. Scary. I mean look at windows 7 phone and then the touch elements on win 8. Crappy and something out of the mid 90s

  5. Not going to happen one version for Arm cpu’s and another for Intel’s Atom cpu’s yea right!! the Arm cpu’s will not supported in any significant way by Microsoft.

  6. Without having tried or tested this app the experts have, with their assembled intelligence and objective analytical skills, declared Office for iOS a complete failure. Good work, fellas.

  7. MS Word has many more features than Pages and they are all tastefully hidden in the new ribbon instead of concealed in a cascading menu. Given the new Metro UI it would be interesting to see how Word for Windows RT gets adapted for iOS.

    The other question is will it be released as a Suite or as individual apps. If they price too high compared to Pages it won’t sell beyond folks that need Word compatibility. If iPad usage grows large enough, MS will HAVE to release Word for iOS to keep its hardware partners from going under. A cross-platform office suite might be just the thing. Then, they can use the iOS profits to finance Windows RT and try to Muscle out Apple in a decade or so.

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