Beleaguered RIM’s head of global sales departs BlackBerry maker

“The head of global sales at Research In Motion Ltd has resigned to take on a leadership role in another industry, the BlackBerry maker said on Wednesday,” Alastair Sharp reports for Reuters.

“Patrick Spence was a 14-year RIM veteran widely considered a rising star. A spokeswoman for RIM said Spence’s last day with the company will be June 15,” Sharp reports. “RIM has seen a steady stream of departures in the past year as its once-dominant market share has slipped amid fierce competition from Apple Inc. and [knockoff] phones running on Google Inc’s Android.”

Sharp reports, “RIM did not name a replacement for Spence or say where he was going.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’d call him a smart rat, but considering that he probably signed off on “Amateur Hour,” we’ll just call him lucky to have escaped the mass drowning.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “JayinDC” for the heads up.]

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  1. Motorla created cellular service, then lost its way by milking it’s product instead of making it better.

    RIMM differentiated itself with secure push email, then rested on its laurels.

    MSFT thought its licensed WinMobile model insured a leadership position, but did nothing to further the technology.

    Nokia toppled Motorola with a modern (at the time) OS, and smaller handsets, then forgot that it was innovation that got them there.

    They, and others, all suffered the same problem, once successful they milked what got them to the party, and did little, if anything, to push their technology further.

    Enter Apple to fill the void, and now 4 iterations later, the 4S looks similar to the first iPhone, but that’s where the comparison stops. Apple remains two – three years ahead of the competition because they haven’t stopped making the iPhone better.

    1. Hahahahahahaha…what a crock of shit….Apple fell asleep at the wheel with the pathetic 4S. When Siri is your only marketing gambit, it shows you got no game. Apple lost its way without Steve Jobs. I hope they don’t churn out the same shitty models year after year, like RIM.

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