Apple’s OS X Mountain lion will change TV and delight cord cutters

“The next iteration of Mac OS X is coming. It doesn’t have a launch date yet, but it likely will by the time Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference wraps up next month,” John Paul Titlow reports for ReadWriteWeb.

“While most of the updates focus on the slow convergence of iOS with the desktop, one unsung gem is sure to delight those of us who rely on the Internet rather than cable for television: AirPlay for Mac,” Titlow reports. “Just as we already can with our iPads, iPhones and iPods, AirPlay for OS X will allow us to wirelessly mirror the screen of our Macs onto their televisions using Apple TV.”

Titlow reports, “What makes this so exciting for the cord-cutting crowd – and probably somewhat cringeworthy for the network executive crowd – is that there’s far more content available on the desktop Web than there is on iOS or any streaming set-top box.”

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  1. Hey cable/sat CEO bums, I am so looking forward to airplay mirroring for Mac. If MLB ever opens up in market games, I will kiss your sorry asses goodbye forever.

      1. Time Warner has great numbers until real world use. Around 5 to 9:30 pm, it is sooo slow it become almost unusable. I can only imagine what will happen when Apple throws it weight in. Maybe the Mayan’s knew this on Dec 22, 2012. The day that Apple blows up the internet! A new world order will rise from the telecom ashes! 😉

        1. Not Comcast. Couldn’t be happier with the speed and reliability. Everyone I know who has switched from Comcast to DSL comes right back within a month.

      2. My 7 megabits down DSL isn’t fast, but fast enough for my needs. That’s not my issue. I don’t like paying for 1,000 channels I don’t want for just 2 or 3 that I do. Would gladly pay those people directly with some other arrangement.

        1. No argument there. Problem, though, the 2 or 3 channels you like, if not on a basic package, are probably subsidized through the bundling.

          Remember, more often than not, it is the broadcasters that require certain channels be carried with a certain number of subs for the cable provider to get the prices they can charge to make any money off them. I know, clear as mud.

          Simply put, video is becoming a loss leader for cable. It may get cheaper and allow more selectivity, but the cost will rise on the ISP side to offset the loss in revenue. A city’s plant takes a set amount of money to maintain, regardless of what is going through the ‘tubes’….

      3. DSL is is satellite. Cable ftw. I consistently get 29mb/sec with Charter no matter what time it is. I need it too.. renting/buying movies on iTunes.. and downloading this 1-2+GB ML updates…

  2. it likely will by the time Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference wraps up next month

    WRONG. An entirely new phase of beta testing 10.8 is about to begin. It will NOT be completed by the end of WWDC.

    This this happened:
    AirPlay for OS X will allow us to wirelessly mirror…

    This article is nothing more than a piggyback on top of a previous article that said THE EXACT SAME THING. IOW: FAIL. This TechTard journalist doesn’t know what he’s talking about and is using hearsay to say it. Bad show, John Paul Titlow of ReadWriteWeb.

    2012: The worst year of stupid Apple rumors EVER. 😯

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