Apple: The world’s fastest-growing cellphone-maker

“Apple (AAPL) is the fastest-gorwing mobile-phone maker in the world,” Michael Comeau reports for Minyanville.

“This isn’t a surprise, given the huge success of the iPhone 4S,” Comeau reports. “And unlike its chief competitor Samsung, Apple is all-smartphone, so it isn’t being dragged down by the decline of dumb phones.”

Comeau reports, “Overall mobile-phone sales fell 2% in Q1 versus a 5% gain in Q4. The smartphone category took a smaller breather, with year-over-year sales growth falling to 45% from 47%… Combined, Apple and Android smartphones sales rose by a whopping 115%. The rest of the industry actually declined by 35%.”

Gartner: Q112 global mobile phone sales growth

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MacDailyNews Take: To repeat what we wrote earlier today: “Apple only makes smartphones. Well, brilliantphones, actually. The only ones in the world. No wonder they’re doing so well.”

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  1. Apple is bringing jobs to our borders. The Maquiladoras of high-tech will soon be in full bloom, which has already stemmed the tide of illegals because they are finding work right there at the border!

    Go AAPL!

  2. Think about it, Apple has no doubt contributed significantly to the GDP just with their exports around the globe and the luxury tariffs being collected on behalf of governments.

    The Apple stuff being manufactured in Mexico will not be burdened by tariffs as they ship across the border into California for further transport/export to China and Europe and all points in between.

    The borders in twenty-five years will become ginormous city/states smothered in soot.

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