Hon Hai Chairman Terry Gou spills the beans: Foxconn to assemble Apple HDTV set

“Chairman of Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd. Terry Gou explicitly confirmed Apple’s rumored HDTV during his inaugural speech at company’s new headquarter in Shanghai China,” Faheem Saeed reports for How To Arena.

“The company started construction of their new distribution headquarters in Shanghai China on Thursday,” Saeed reports. “According to Gou, the business model of the Foxconn’s new e-commerce services will provide clients with ‘one-stop’ services ranging from manufacturing to logistics and reselling to consumers.”

Saeed reports, “According to China’s leading newspaper ChinaDaily, Gou explicitly accepted during his speech that Foxconn is making preparations in collaboration with Apple to launch a new HDTV set in market. He also mentioned that the production of this HDTV which he named as iTV has yet to begin. Foxconn’s recent 50/50 joint venture factory with Sharp in Japan is one of the preparations made for the new device, Gou added.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If any of Apple’s subcontractors can get away with spilling the beans on future Apple products, it would have to be Terry Gou.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz,” “Dan K.,” and “Julia” for the heads up.]

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  1. Opinion that “iTV” was a reality seemed given. Now we know which company will be assembling the device which seemed highly probable given it’s history with Apple. That leaves the when.

  2. We all know that market manipulators use every piece of unfounded negative rumor to push the stock price down. I’m sure we can expect the opposite from this piece of news. Yeah right!

  3. I do NOT expect a me too product, and I suspect we will see a number of suppliers dwindle in market share as a result.

    Apple would not be doing this without seeing a path to #1.

  4. Don’t think he spilled the beans. Think he’s freezing the market, probably coordinated with apple.

    These arent school boys making PC’s competing on lack of profit margin. Why would anyone buy a tv now til they see the “future”….

  5. Having recently bought an internet tv from Sony I have to say an improvement wouldn’t be difficult, as useful as much of the functionality is it is extremely limited, inflexible and has a rotten UI. How incompetent all these companies are until Apple shows them how to do it correctly, though i doubt that I will be able to afford the real thing when it comes sadly.

    1. There were several instances in the past when Apple just went ahead and used a name, even though they plausibly knew it was owned by someone else.

      The time when Apple carefully tip-toed around proprietary names (and even changed their own product name after launch, when they discovered it was owned by someone else) is in the past. Rendezvous was renamed Bonjour a long while after launch (this was in 2005). I doubt such thing would happen today.

      1. ITV has been in existence for around fifty years, it’s kinda difficult to deny knowledge of it when the simplest search would show it up. I accept most Americans would be ignorant of ITV, after all it exists outside the borders of the US…

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