Top IT tools for Apple’s iPad

“When I get frantic calls from my users at random times, I turn to the assistant that’s always by my side: my iPad. With so many good technical apps available for the iPad, I can use the tablet to manage my servers from just about anywhere I can get Wi-Fi,” Brian Chee reports for InfoWorld.

“This collection of iPad apps includes remote access, network diagnostics, documentation, and other tools I’ve been using for the last couple years,” Chee reports. “It certainly isn’t one-size-fits-all, but it has been extremely useful to me.”

Chee reports, “It’s all you need for those minor changes — to reset a password, unlock a user account, add a firewall exception, create a new SSL-VPN user, and more.”

Top IT tools for Apple’s iPad:
• SNMPmon ($4.99)
• NetScanner ($6.99)
NetTools ($3.99)
• Network Toolbox ($0.99)
• Mocha Remote Desktop – RDP ($5.99)
• iSSH – SSH / VNC Console ($9.99)
• iVMControl ($9.99)
• Decibel Meter Pro ($0.99)
Multi Measures ($0.99)
Air Display ($9.99)
ScreenChomp (Free)
Hot-e-V ($14.99)
• Evernote (Free)

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “j s” for the heads up.]


  1. All well and good. Now I need a list of software for website development with coding, previewing and and file transfer. Like Coda but certainly not Dreamweaver.

  2. I’d add TeamViewer to the list.. Free and does 99% of Logmein etc does.

    sure the stupid popup on the client end can be annoying (free based version)

    oh and the free version doesn’t allow file transfer…. ok, log in to the pc/mac via team viewer and use the web browser on the client to access dropbox. 😉
    I use TeamViewer all the time, works great. Anyone that I have to help them fix their PC.. I get them to install the free team viewer client so I don’t have to actually go sit at their PC.

      1. still have to have a logmein account to use..

        I get a call from someone who needs PC fixed, I tell them to download team viewer, install, run the app, then tell me the ID and password the screen tells them.

        done in under 5 minutes.

        logmein, they’d have to create an account first. (unless it copies team viewer now. it requires you to log in to with your account. logmein’s website shows an account is still needed for each person you’d need access to)

        even free, logmein is a hassle for quick use with people that do not already have an account set up.

  3. Dude.

    Jump NEEDs to be on that list.

    ServerControl is freaking awesome well (use it on my iPhone). With ServerControl, I can start/stop processes, browse files, restart or shut down all of the computers on my watch.. from my phone. Super easy to use.

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