If Facebook is worth $96 billion then why isn’t Apple worth $2.7 trillion?

“It’s an interesting question: If Facebook is going to be worth $96 billion at its IPO, or 25 times trailing sales, then why isn’t Apple worth $2.7 trillion? The obvious answer is that everyone’s using different metrics to value the two companies,” Tim Worstall writes for Forbes. “At which point the questions become, but yes, should we be using such different metrics?”

The estimation of the two values comes in this Wall Street Journal piece:

“Facebook is significantly overpriced and this is clear by looking at the price of the company relative to either sales or earnings,” says Brian Hamilton, chief executive at Sageworks, a firm that analyses privately-held companies. “Investing in the Facebook IPO may turn out to be a great investment, but right now, the stock is clearly not a bargain.”

But Hamilton maintains Facebook has a valuation problem. He even attempts to put Facebook’s valuation into perspective by comparing it to Apple, the most valuable company by market capitalization in the world. “If Apple, which manufactures tangible products, was valued at a multiple comparable to Facebook, Apple’s market capitalization/value today would be approximately $2.7 trillion,” he says.

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MacDailyNews Take: Here’s another question: Is Facebook the short of the decade?

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      1. …P/E RATIO

        Current earning = $1-billion
        Estimate of IPO market cap = $100-billion

        Facebook P/E ratio approx 100

        Amazon (AMZN) P/E is currently 184.3 and Apple (AAPL) is 13.9

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  1. What inquiring minds want to know is, how is FB going to monetize mobile ads?

    Facebook is a platform born on the desktop and is only now attempting to transition to the mobile space, where advertising will be a crucial for its survival. Hence, their own app store and the many advertising trojans that await a mobile audience.

    At the moment, the work in preparation for the IPO, is being undermined by those who see a huge chasm between the bet and the payoff, and they’re trying to let some of the air out of the IPO.

    If true, and FB doesn’t have a clear strategy for mobile advertising and they go forward anyway, all it means is that Wall Street is still shooting from the hip.

    25 times trailing sales? Really!?


      That’s why rumors of the Facebook Phone refuse to die. Story is they’ve done an Amazon and forked and old Android build, much to Google’s frustration.

  2. Amazon, not Facebook, is the short of the century, but who knows when it’ll fall. Could be this year or a few years from now. The market is completely irrational about AMZN (priced at over 100 times earnings), but the stock just keeps going up. They probably have friends in high places (DOJ, banking sector).

  3. Shades of the Great Tech Crash of the late 90s.
    Unfortunately the people who made the mistake of over-inflating tech stock values have retired, died or committed suicide; and now we have a new breed in the financial world who grew up nursing on Blackberrys and don’t lift their heads up from their smart phones. This is a financial disaster waiting to happen. As with the late 90s, they don’t produce anything and have little hard value. This can (and will) change on a dime and Facebook will disappear when a) people get bored with it and it becomes to intrusive on privacy and/or b) when The Next Big Thing takes its place.

  4. How is Instagram “worth” $1 billion?

    Oh thats right Sequoia Capital owns a significant interest in Facebook and Instagram and needed to obtain more pre IPO Facebook stock.

    Nothing more than a game by the venture capitalists and investments banks (like GS) to “make” money.

  5. I would like to think creativity, research and development, engineers and programmers, out sourcing and retail stores – real products to sell — that the entire APPLE umbrella is worth far more then stated. I would start at about 10 trillion.

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