Why Evernote might be the future of Mac apps

“One of my all time favorite apps is Evernote. It’s not that it does so much,” Ron McElfresh writes for NoodleMac. “I like using Evernote because it’s everywhere all at the same time.”

“Think of Evernote as a mini word processor for the Mac. Drop in graphics, photos, text, clips, even PDFs. Everything is searchable. Not bad for free, right?” McElfresh writes. “Here’s the big surprise. Evernote syncs your data– notes, images, clips, text, photos, PDFs, whatever– to the cloud.”

McElfresh writes, “How does Evernote exemplify apps of the future? First, it’s free. Second, it syncs data with all your devices. Third, it does more.”

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  1. Am I the only one that can’t stand Evernote? The whole tag paradigm is annoying and the UI is muddled and it’s kinda bloated and unfocused for an app. I’ve tried to use it over and over, but it’s a chore to use it to me.

    1. It’d have taken less time to Google it than to have typed in your request. I know, because I just tried it before posting this response. And no, I’m not telling.

    1. I use both. They are completely different.

      One for organizing thoughts, one for storing and sharing files.

      I use Dropbox in place of iDisk. Pop some files in a folder (usually associated with a particular project or client), share them with those with whom I am collaborating, who need access to the files. It’s purely storage space for me (though some of my apps sync data through it).

      Evernote is an extension of my brain. The notebooks and tags get organized topically and conceptually according to the way I think. Any attached files (photos, PDFs, bookmarks) are there to aid understanding or research — not because I have to preserve the file for its own sake. I can begin to use it to replace all kinds of services in which I am collecting and collating content: such as bookmarking services or apps, pinterest, data-mining, DevonThink, that sort of thing. It’s a personal file system you can access and maintain from any of your devices. It’s great. I also throw documentation files to make it my own knowledgebase/helpdesk. It’s kind of my personal wiki.

  2. The future of Mac apps is that they’ll all be free? The writer is seriously deluded. If productivity apps were free, so much of the application window would be taken up by obnoxious ads that the user would be too distracted to work and there wouldn’t be enough space to work in.

    1. Yeh. No kiddin’. “First, it’s free.” — I’m sure the writer doesn’t do his job for free. I certainly don’t. “Free” as in no money equals either an intro to other products or other kinds of non-monetary prices – like “free” products from Our Lady of Perpetual Beta.

    2. I agree. What more does he want than 99¢ for most apps; that is free! Even the $9.99 apps are a great deal. I buy what I need so I always get great value. I see no benefit in free if it deters the app developers. They deserve to be compensated and I sure don’t want every app to be filled with ads.

  3. With so many things online today being free, everyone seems to be forgetting something.

    For a company to exist, it needs to sell a product or a service. On the opposite end, for a person to become a customer, he needs to pay for certain product or service. For a company selling product or service, customer is the person (or entity) that pays money for that service.

    If you are getting something for free, you are NOT a customer. You are a PRODUCT that is being sold to an actual paying CUSTOMER (an advertiser, or someone else).

    Think about that for a moment before acquiring such a product.

      1. It’s not entirely different. Clipping stuff from the browser or other files into the database is the bulk of Evernote.

        DEVONthink Pro Office is capable of doing most of what Evernote does- at least for my needs. It is a powerful setup- one of the jewels of the Macintosh and now iOS.

        1. Appreciate your clarification. I think I’ve had confusions with Evernote. I’ve owned DEVONthink Pro Office since the day it came out and had DEVONthink before that. Clearly, I need to take a fresh look at DTP and Evernote again.

  4. I love Evernote and use it daily. It’s an excellent multi-purpose app. A couple of my other top, go-to apps are Simplenote (basic, quick, text-only, tagged note taking) and (the terrrific, free Mac companion JustNotes) Between Evernote, Simplenote and JustNotes I can cover a lot of ground. I highly giving Simplenote and JustNotes a look. (And, no, I’m not affiliated with any of these guys, just a very satisfied user)

  5. I think a lot of good information and clarifications about the apps here. But there is very little critical voices. As IT Engineer since the 80s I also see some structures in society emerging, I just wonder about. It’s easy to control cloud based stuff by any government and secret services. In China the people know it and are little more cautious. In the western countries our parents or grandparents have also experienced regimes with mind control – had to flee at night, to more save countries etc.
    Today we give voluntary away all our thoughts, our researches, on Facebook all our friends, our connections and all we do. And we get apps for free – like Evernote – to organize all this interesting stuff – for who? For us only, or are there players behind the curtain, who like to know who is connected to who and why and which hobby and what work and where is thrall the folks on holiday – what are they doing and with who and why? Easy to map all movements in a population for some years and get a pattern, so no one has a chance to hide anywhere anymore, when another idiot takes the power. All places where people did hiding naturally when they are stressed or sorry, are all known by this people – stangers with black dresses can come at night and grab opponents of a new regime, as they do in Iran and dictatorships around the world and always has done.

    Are we naive, related to Orwell’s 1984? 1984 was harmless in relation to all the information a group of fanatics can gather and use today, to get absolute power. Who will stop them, when all movements of everybody has being mapped via social media and “free apps” for years ? The main opponents can be taken in a surprising night action. Who can protect you, us, when the hole system is overruled and phones stopped for a period ? Do we make it too easy for people with less acceptable intentions?

    Create your own cloud, and secure your data maybe a little more. I think the tendency to tell everything to everyone, telling everything what we do and put it in relationship to all our activities and interests and our life – in e.g. Evernote and Devon Think – and put everything on the cloud – which can be easily monitored – is perhaps asking for a complete monitoring of the population.
    Ask yourself the question: Why are apps for mapping our life for free, when you otherwise have to pay for the smallest things and services on Web (a single font $80) ?
    E.g. there are heavy attempts from Chinese phone companies in the US, to get control. CNN talks about, People are afraid of industrial espionage. Very narrow-minded perhaps. Before, 100 of millions of single Hard-drives where not easy to monitor. I think it’s much more dangerous, when all our information are concentrated on iCloud, Dropbox and are monitored systematic by whoever and can be used by whoever likes to gain power. Let not paranoia rule your mind, just think about this few single questions and take your precautions as you see some connections.


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