Apple is taking a bruising in Washington D.C. as lobbying effort has yet to ripen

“Apple is taking a bruising in Washington, and insiders say there’s a reason: It’s the one place in the world where the company hasn’t built its brand,” David Saleh Rauf and Jonathan Allen write for Politico.

“In the first three months of this year, Google and Microsoft spent a little more than $7 million on lobbying and related federal activities combined,” Rauf and Allen write. “Apple spent $500,000 — even less than it spent the year before… Unlike Facebook, Google and Microsoft, Apple has no political action committee. And while Google and Microsoft have aggressive news media operations in Washington, Apple doesn’t. That standoffish approach to D.C. may have worked fine in the Steve Jobs era, but the charismatic leader’s death last year left Apple without its reality distortion field.”

Rauf and Allen write, “The company’s attitude toward D.C. — described by critics as ‘don’t bother us’ — has left it without many inside-the-Beltway friends. And that means Apple is mostly on its own when the Justice Department goes after it on e-books, when members of Congress attack it over its overseas tax avoidance or when an alphabet soup of regulators examine its business practices. ‘I never once had a meeting with anybody representing Apple,’ said Jeff Miller, who served as a senior aide on the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Antitrust Subcommittee for eight years. ‘There have been other tech companies who chose not to engage in Washington, and for the most part that strategy did not benefit them.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Translation: Grease those greedy D.C. palms and life will get easier for you, Apple.

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  1. I figured this was one area where Cook was guaranteed to be an improvement over Steve. I hoped he would be the right man to recognize Apple’s new place atop the world and expand their operations in DC accordingly. His failure to identify and correct such an important problem is a disappointment.

    1. “His failure to identify and correct such an important problem is a disappointment.”

      Apple can’t correct the problem, which is massive, legalized bribery (“political donations”).

      To correct this, Apple can only shoot their integrity in the head and “play along” like all the other multi-national, multi-billion dollar companies.

  2. These leeches in Washington are supposed to represent us – instead the slime bags are ALL on the take -right & left.

    Vote them ALL out this year.

  3. This is disgusting. How can anyone read this article and say this is the way things should be? Why do we accept these corrupt practices? Apple’s got the right idea: leave them alone until they do something that’s truly illegal. Otherwise, go screw yourselves. No one should have to bribe Washington insiders just so they can avoid unwarranted attacks. I’m getting ill now…

  4. As far as I am concerned I am totally embarrassed as an American for the bull **** that is going on. Where would this country be right now without the innovations pioneered by Apple. The government is greedy and has no concept of reality in the technological world we live in.

    I only wish that Tim would run for president. At this juncture, there are no viable candidates that do not have a hidden agenda. We are in a very sad state of affairs in America where technology innovation and even free speech is no longer a cornerstone of our rights

    I only wish Steve Jobs (if he was alive) or Tim

    1. Yeah, I can see a gay man from the Bay Area getting the nomination of either major party. Besides, as he is an Auburn fan I have to question his taste and judgement.

  5. DOJ is an oxymoron. Almost makes a body wish that the ice caps would melt just enough to put DC 10 feet below sea level, but that would drowned to many innocent people.

  6. Same old politicians – clueless, greedy, inept and downright dangerous. Just like here in the UK. It makes me sick to my stomach how these utterly soulless scumbags run things.

    I also with Tim would run for President.

  7. This is playing out just as Thomas Sowell described in “Intellectuals and Society”. A regulatory regime itself fosters lobbyists as a consequence to generate or preserve privileged standing. Those who, like Apple, just want to be left alone as long as they work hard and play by the rules, are left at the mercy of that regime. Jobs may have been a social liberal, but to the extent he wanted just to be left alone to succeed or fail by his own efforts, he was every bit a traditional conservative.

  8. I hope Apple continues to ignore Washington. They have a massive PAC and they don’t have to pay us a cent. Once you get into bed with those people, you’re diseased, pure and simple and there is no cure. I sometimes wish that Apple were more vocal about certain issues like Net Neutrality, because lack of Net Neutrality stands to crush Apple profits more than anything else, but it’s been turned into a political ideological battle when it should be a question of fair competition.

    1. As radical as it sounds, I think the US has passed the point of being properly governed by a single Federal Government. I really think the long term trend will be toward a hopefully peaceful breakup of the United States into a couple of nations.

      Probably not in our lifetimes, but maybe.

      1. I think Apple could kill 2 or 3 birds with one stone here. Let them buy Greece, thus finally putting it out of its misery, and stabilizing the world markets, then move the whole Apple operation there, complete with manufacturing facilities. If the US congress still won’t let them alone, then Apple could declare war on the US, quickly surrender, then apply for foreign aid and get an extra few $B for the bottom line each year.

  9. Dewayne you do know that Tim Cook is gay and he can’t get married in most states and he certainly can’t be elected president. Most of the in congressman in Washington won’t even shake his hand or take a picture with him.

  10. A company spends money on lobbying politicians or invests in the products for the people.

    I’d rather Apple not bother with politics. Apple isn’t taking a bruising in D.C. They are standing up when challenged.

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