Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodie upsets analyst

“Facebook has raked in billions and will make a splash when its stock hits the open market next week. So, what are folks on Wall Street concerned about? Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodie, apparently,” Doug Gross reports for CNN.

“Michael Pachter, an analyst for Wedbush Securities, told Bloomberg that the Facebook CEO’s decision to show up for a meeting with potential investors dressed down in his trademark casual outerwear suggests that he’s too immature to run a massive corporation,” Gross reports. “‘He’s actually showing investors he doesn’t care that much; he’s going to be him,’ Pachter said in an interview on Bloomberg TV. ‘I think that’s a mark of immaturity.'”

Gross reports, “If nothing else, Pachter’s take (and he still thinks Facebook is a solid investment) reinforces the inevitable culture clash that occurs when a 27-year-old titan of California’s freewheeling startup culture meets the buttoned-down world of Wall Street.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Steve Jobs and Woz redux.

However, regardless of attire, Facebook will be lucky to remain relevant for one-tenth as long as Apple has so far.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. I don’t care if Fuckerberg puts on an Armani suit, he pisses me off for being born.

    With Steve Jobs, even if he radiated RDF, at least he had a working product to sell that was desirable.

    Fuckerberg is just another Madoff shyster promoting a Ponzi scheme with the IPO.

      1. yeah… but I’ll bet that he only has the one idea.
        No second act to this play.
        Zuck also has working against him that the Social Network
        movie made him look good compared to the reality.
        Not to mention his flopsweat geek-out appearance on
        Walt Mossberg’s webshow.
        I think WS will drive the stock up and then crash it into the
        wall. Joyriding the nerd’s car and then wrecking it for laughs.

      2. I thought a couple of rich frat boys had the idea? He just had the coding ability to build it..

        That said, this idiotic notion that appearance/dress is the measure of a person is tired, old, and stupid. Note to old stuffed suits, take your bigoted views and stuff em..

        Steve Jobs wore blue jeans every day, he is the greatest business/product visonary of the modern era.

        1. Big answer little man, think of anything else to say Einstein.

          Always the same old rewashed schoolboy garbage, I got more and you don’t.

          Grow up Rorschach….

        2. Hey Rorschach, that’s Arnold Ziffel you are talking to, king of pork belly futures. He’s got plenty of green acres in his backyard.
          Don’t you read the trades?

            1. I am equally content wallowing in my own slop. We’re not the type to
              go hogging up a lot of attention, that kind of swinish behavior indicates a willingness to pig out on disfavorable comments.

            2. Arnie
              As one who spent years ‘fried’ and ‘baked’ and is in the business of microwaving, it all boils down to this-
              I have no desire to eat you…;-)

    1. I say to hell with the business suites and old world styles. Although Zuckerberg isn’t a Steve Jobs, I admire his resistance to fall into the stuffed shirt styles of the ultra-conservative gutless business community that would have never backed the idea of a FaceBook or Apple Computer. It is the maverick that change the world and give us a chance to leave the outmoded attitudes behind.

      1. Stuffed shirts backed Apple when people thought computers were the things that only NASA and the richest kings of Europe owned.
        If Zuckerberg is a maverick, then Barney the Dinosaur is a tyrannosaurus rex.

      1. hey hey hey.. I own the copyright on ‘Fuckerberg’…(infringement
        alarm start wailing) I thought it up five years ago. That’ll be five dollars license royalty for your use of it in this comment section (holds out hand for your payment)

    1. They are not using the IPO to raise capital for the business, they are cashing in. If the current owners think that they will be unable to get a higher price down the line, then investors should be worried as they have only downside to look forward to.

  2. I thought investors were investing in Mark, not in what Mark is or not wearing? If Mark is “too immature”, then how did he succeed on getting Facebook to where it is at this point? If Mark didn’t care, then FB wouldn’t be where it is today. That’s what investors should be investing in… Mark! Once again, people are judging books by their covers without focusing on the ‘high order bit’. Gone are the days of navy blue suits and silk ties. Lets keep the board room for decision making rather than talking about irrelevant topics. Lets move on.

    1. >how did he succeed on getting Facebook to where it is at this point?

      Screwing the privacy of 100 millions of people?

      Or because he about to make a lot of money thru those actions, people are supposed to look the other way?

      From his “I’m CEO, bitch” to all the TRUE stories of him screwing over early partners and employees, Big IPO or not, this is just another item in the long list of his immaturity.

    1. …SHORTING

      Hedge funds have already been shorting in the gray market, and will short big time once the IPO is done.

      Biggest negatives are the man himself, that the subscriber numbers are already at the top of the S curve, the firm is having trouble monetizing ‘mobile’ and that’s where their most prolific users are and the entire base is moving over to (hence rumors of Facebook phone).

      It may run up for a couple of months as the brokers sell to their clients and retail suckers buy, but the long term prospects are a downhill slide.

      1. Do you believe the subscriber numbers are accurate, or really
        just a cumulative total of every account that was ever created.
        Notice how on Google when you do a search it tells you how many results you found, right? Log into (your) Facebook account, and do a search for Victor Frankenstein. You’ll get page after page, but no count of how many there are. Someone (if you have the patience) count the pages of Victor Frankenstein resutls, then report back to us here. Ready (looks at watch) go!

  3. What is with people wanting everyone to conform to the traditional “norms” of Wall Street? These new companies that are successful (like Facebook and, long ago, Apple) got to where they are because they went against the grain. They don’t care how things are normally done – you either invest in who they are and shut up, or you don’t invest. Period!

  4. just cuz you put on a suit doesn’t mean ______.

    see APPLE.

    however, Facebook is a house of cards waiting to fail like every social network that gets replaced with something better, cooler, more underground…

  5. Why is everyone so upset that Zuck isn’t circumsized? I mean, in some cultures “hoodies” are acceptable – even desired. And if push come to shove and we’d drop the pants of some of those Wall Street investors – they would have “hoodies” too.

    Sad, but I think this might be a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  6. To all that don’t like Zuckerberg: Delete your FB accounts, and stop being jealous of a multi-billionaire that’s in his 20’s.

    Yes, you all wish you did something like he did. But guess what? You didn’t.

    Go to sleep, wake up tomorrow, hate your life while you’re driving to your sh!tty job (which you hate) and think about what Zuckerberg is doing at that moment.

  7. I don’t get all the FB anger… They’re going to replace google at some point. They both make money on ads and ads go where people go. Should FB ever get into search, google will be toast. FB can copy google but google ?


    1. Before FB gets into search, they will have to learn to show you the number of results you found…like what Google has been doing for years? Kind of reinforces that you actually may have 900 mil(?) active subscribers, versus a cumulative tally of every account that has ever been created. Of real and or imaginary/computer generated people… Yes, all those pages of Victor Frankenstein are real people, as is the page for Dr. Thomas Townsend Brown, he was able to create a page from beyond the grave (where he has resided since 1985).

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