California Judge throws out Proview lawsuit against Apple over iPad trademark

“A California judge threw out Proview Electronics Co.’s lawsuit against Apple Inc. over the iPad trademark in China, the latest twist in the legal fight over the rightful owner of the tablet’s name,” Jessica E. Vascellaro reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“In its suit, Proview alleged that it was deceived when the Cupertino, Calif., company acquired the iPad trademarks from it in 2009,” Vascellaro reports. “Proview has made the same claims in a court in China’s southern Guangdong province, where the dispute has escalated into one of the highest-profile intellectual property cases for a foreign company in China. That court has urged Apple and Proview to try to reach a settlement.”

Vascellaro reports, “An Apple spokeswoman reiterated the company’s earlier claim that it had rightfully purchased the iPad name from Proview, adding ‘Proview refuses to honor their agreement with Apple in China.'”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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      We’re worried about abortions in the USA. How about turning aborted fetuses into ‘health’ pills. What is China’s problem?!

        1. Um, huh? ‘The thought of…’? The pills described in the articles contain fetus tissue. So where did the fetuses come from? Seeing as China has a cultural problem with women, matched up with their one couple, one child law, I expect these pills are primarily female fetuses.

          As far as I know there are no ‘Brave New World’ child decanting devices for growing fetuses. Therefore, they would have to come out of someone. They could be collected from miscarriages. Is that what you mean?

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        2. “Last year, the South Korean television station SBS aired a documentary that accused Chinese drug companies of collaborating with abortion clinics to produce the pills from dead fetuses.”

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    2. I’m going to keep following this story till it plays out to be true or false. If true, I will make a huge effort to stop buying Mad In China, Korea…..crap!

  1. ‘Proview refuses to honor their agreement with Apple in China.’

    EXACTLY. That any court in China would AGAIN hear Proview’s case (which they ALREADY lost in China via the Hong Kong court) points out yet again that Apple is dealing with China: Criminal Nation. What a hellhole.

  2. I’m not sure if this is what is holding things back or not, but does anyone know when the new iPad is expected to be selling in China? Each day that goes by represent an absolutely massive opportunity cost for Apple

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