Forrester CEO: Apple won’t be a ‘great company’ in five years, Tim Cook a ‘mismatch’

Teresa Rivas reports for Barron’s, “Forrester Research CEO George Colony elaborated his caution about Apple (AAPL) to the Wall Street Journal, in response to his recent blog post warning that the company will decline in a post-Steve Jobs era.”

Rivas reports, “In defending his position, Colony said ‘Tim Cook is a competent and proven leader, but he’s just a mismatch with a charismatically-driven organization like Apple. Apple will be a very good company five years from now but it won’t be this great company that we’ve come to know.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Keep on digging, Georgie!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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  1. He’s right, it is a charisma driven company. Cook doesn’t have much, but he does have that calm, cool, everything is fine charisma, which is what Apple needs during this huge shakeup with Steve gone.

    What this douchebag doesn’t see that I think all of us see is that Scott Forstall has huge charisma and unbounding joy for all things Apple and will probably become the ‘new Steve.’, but you can’t make a new Steve right after he died. You need to calm the waters a bit.

    Apple is fine. Apple will be fine and as you see with the new Galaxy phone, all of the competitors wait and see what Apple does and then copy it an iteration too late. iPhone 5 and iOS 6 are coming and Google, Samsung and all the others have no idea what to do to combat it. They still can’t compete with the iPad 2 for heavens sake and Windows Metro is a joke and going to push people towards Apple even more…

    Lots of FUD going on. Good opportunity to buy the pullback on ridiculous made up junk news.

    1. What everyone is missing is that Apple is no longer the underdog, startup, 2% market share rebel. When it was, a Steve Jobs was necessary for its survival and prosperity. Things have changed. Apple is now a well oiled machine crushing its competition (copiers) with slick, well engineered, superbly designed products that the average person can just pick up and use without a phone book sized manual or training. The need for a Steve Jobs is greatly diminished and the roll such a person should play is very different. Forestall may be in exactly the right position for someone of his talents and thinking right now. And Tim Cook may be exactly the right person to be the CEO. Apple has grown up in the last 10 years. It takes different talents to run it. Steve’s resistance to things Apple has needed to do was counterproductive in many cases. Steve was a genius and I loved him, but he may not have been the right person to lead Apple in its present incarnation.

  2. In think Tim Cook is quite charismatic. He will lead his “charismatically-driven organization” just fine. Mr. Cook seems like a very nice guy and a competent leader to me.

  3. Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs. Those are impossible shoes to fill and there just isn’t anyone who will be a comparable replacement. However, Cook is competent and reliable. We’re not talking Gil Amelio here. Apple will be fine for years to come (even if Cook’s keynotes are a bit dull).

  4. how is Forrester Research is still in business? It’s never been a dynamic company and gets enough things wrong that I’d rather buy stock in a local weatherman.

  5. Tim is no Steve, but frankly, only Steve could be Steve. The greatest asset in Apple’s arsenal is the underestimating of Tim Cook. BOOM!

  6. Tim is no Steve, but frankly, only Steve could be Steve. Right now, the greatest asset in Apple’s arsenal is the underestimating of Tim Cook. BOOM!

    1. Exactly! Steve was the product visionary when Apple had none but he couldn’t bring those products to market. Tim is a supply chain genius which is what Apple and many other companies need. Apple, I believe, has the product visionaries in place to pick where Steve left off. Even if they run out of vision they have enough cashto buy it to keep them going for many years in the future.

  7. Tim Cook is the perfect guy to lead Apple. All these analysts forget that Tim basically led Apple over the last 2+ years of Steve Jobs’ life due to Steve’s health problems. All Apple needs to do is find a charismatic exec who can communicate its vision to the masses (Jony Ivy, maybe?)

    The biggest problem Apple faces is continued innovation of its landmark products — iPhone, iPad and OS X.

    The other big question is whether Apple can crack the media hub/TV equation and get content providers on board with something that is truly a leap ahead in usage. i think everyone is looking for the next large leap in TV, but no one has a true vision beyond adding Siri or a touchscreen to current TVs. Hopefully Apple’s TV vision is a quantum leap forward just like the iPod, iPhone and iPad were.

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