Apple’s revised iPad 2 with new 32nm A5 SoC brings even better battery life, cooler operation

“What’s different with the $399 iPad 2 is that Apple used it as a vehicle to introduce a new hardware platform, or more specifically, a new SoC. The 32nm HK+MG Apple A5 SoC,” Anand Lal Shimpi reports for AnandTech. “There’s no known way to tell whether you’re getting an iPad 2,4 vs. the older iPad 2,1 without opening the box… This particular iPad 2,4 sample came from Best Buy, and several attempts to find one elsewhere came up short. All indications seem to point to the iPad 2,4 being relatively rare, which makes sense considering what’s inside it.”

“Although the iPad 2,1 and its 3G brethren all used a 45nm Apple A5 SoC, the iPad 2,4 uses a die-shrunk 32nm version. The performance remains the same, but the die is much smaller. This isn’t however just a normal die shrink, as Apple is using Samsung’s 32nm high-k + metal gate LP transistors for this new A5 die,” Lal Shimpi reports. “The combination of these two innovations results in less wasted current and more efficient current delivery, which in turn can give us a more power efficient chip. It’s a net win.”

Lal Shimpi reports, “Apple gets two benefits from the iPad 2,4: lower manufacturing costs, and experience with Samsung’s 32nm HK+MG process which it will later use in much greater volumes. What about customers who end up with an iPad 2,4? Better battery life and cooler operation, of course.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.


    1. Why? If Samsung can produce the best components at the scale Apple needs, there’s no reason to dump them. Especially since I believe this new A5 is made in Austin, TX.

      I do agree though, Apple does need to find another company to fab SoCs. Would love to see Apple partner with (invest in) TSMC and build new fab plants for the A6 and let Samsung continue fab’ing the A5 and A5X.

      TSMC is ramping up their 28nm process now. Hopefully they’ll be able to reach acceptable yields. They are also fab’ing Qualcomm’s new 4G radio, which is what Apple is waiting on before they can plan to release a 4G iPhone.

  1. No need to cut Samsung out of the loop in supplying parts to Apple. Apple will buy the best parts at the best price. As for Samsung’s droids, they will go away on their own when the Android slice to smartphone profits drops to 1% no matter how large their slice of smartphone units shipped.

  2. Where are the fud meisters? Here come the headlines “bait and switch” and “some iPads outside normal operating temperatures”. Oh, wait, we’ve been there before…

  3. Would suggest that Apple has intent to continue to support iPad2 for some time yet, with under the hood ungrades that may or may not be announced.
    Which would also suggest they are still making pretty good money off it.

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