Just how big is Apple? Check out these eye-popping stats

Apple Inc’s devices are now ubiquitous, its annual new product releases are the most anticipated in the world, and it recently announced it would begin issuing a dividend to its stock owners expected to generate $10 billion in the first year alone. There is also speculation that Apple will enter into the payments market in the near future (allowing its handheld products to serve in the same fashion as a credit card). This alone would turn them into a trillion dollar company.

But how do Apple’s eye-popping statistics translate to the real world?

• Apple’s total sales in 2011 were $128 billion which is more than the gross domestic product of about 160 nations around the world including New Zealand, Iraq and Syria.

• Apple’s current market capitalization is $508 billion making it the largest company in the world.

• Apple’s release of its latest iPad was massive: the company sold 3 million devices in the first 72 hours of release.

• 695 iPads are sold every minute. 11 iPads are sold every second.

• Apple projects to sell 56.4 million iPads in 2012. Laid end-to-end those iPads would stretch from Cupertino, California to New York City and back and nearly halfway back to the Big Apple.

• Since 2008, almost as many devices with Apple’s IOS operating system were sold as cars worldwide. Does that mean that in today’s world we consider Apple products as important as vehicles?

• While the iPad has been a huge success, the iPhone is still Apple’s franchise player selling over 72 million devices in 2011. That’s nearly equal to the weight of the Eiffel Tower.

• 40% of Apple’s revenue is credited to the iPhone alone.

Just how big is Apple?
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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


  1. I want to do an infographic about how sick I am of infographics.

    “There are as many iOS devices in the world as there are grains of sand in a 1,000 square inch stretch of beach”

    Think I got my voice down.

  2. “Apple projects to sell 56.4 million iPads in 2012.”

    This is just made up nonsense. Apple never said what they expect, and what they expect certainly can to be expressed with that ridiculously precise manner.

    Also, if Apple has its expectations, those are hardly this low. This 56 million figure for iPads in 2012 would mean that quarterly sales will be stuck at less than 15 million units, which ludicrous, especially for calendar Q4.

  3. Gosh, I’m impressed! 508 billion, record profits, and Apple can’t see fit to support their own customers using their 2 year old OS “Snow Leopard” in the switch to iCloud. Oh, but they went to the all the effort and expense to develop a *free* standalone app (Control Center) to let 6 year old Windows Vista users keep their MobileMe addresses.

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