Apple’s iPhone 5 launch date will be…

“Great speculation clads the question: ‘When will Apple [AAPL] introduce the iPhone 5?'” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“I’ve been gazing at the crystal ball, talking to astrologers, seeking the wisdom of soothsayers and looking at my iCal calendar to estimate the date: October 2, or October 16,” Evans writes. “There [are] two schools of thought surrounding the next iPhone’s introduction: One group believes Apple will introduce it at or around WWDC in June; however the prevailing expectation is that it will ring in the smartphone changes in Fall, probably in or around October.”

Evans writes, “I favor a Fall, rather than mid-summer launch…”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. JULY. Apple was late launching the 4S last October. A July launch gets the kinks out of production well before the December quarter, and cuts the legs out from under Samsung with a new form factor, greatly enhanced SIRI, screen and battery.

  2. Mid-September. October is TOO late.

    Apple since it launched iPods a decade ago, has typically launched product in the last 2 weeks of a quarter, that way the launch euphoria gooses two quarters of results. It also mitigates osborning in the quarter it launches in, by launching late in that quarter. ONLY, last October did Apple break its typical pattern, by launching early in a quarter. This caused the earnings “miss”, as analysts did not adjust their models to factor in this unusual launch date. I believe Apple was late. It won’t happen this year. Mid-September is the target.

  3. I hoe it’s a full year after the 4S came out. We need that year just in case AT&T gives us “high-billed” customers a chance. Of receiving an early expiration date to sing another two-year contrace for the next iPhone.

  4. The new iPhone will launch on September 11th. And if you want confirmation, ask a market Analyst who will come up with the necessary bullshit to make it happen!!!

  5. With the media not being even able to correctly calculate the number (if any) under which the next iPhone will be released, I could not care less for their murky “crystal ball”.

  6. I highly favor FALL…

    That said, I think there is a good argument for around WWDC — that argument has to do with software capabilities that require hardware capabilities.

  7. Every analyst thinks that Apple is sitting on the next iPhone wondering when would be the best “time” to launch it.

    The REAL answer is it will be ready when it is ready.
    When technology in material, new manufacturing technics, chip design, battery design, and software come together to make the phone they want to make . . .
    THEN it will be released.

  8. Are we going to start prematurely calling it “iPhone 5” again? Based on “The new iPad,” it is likely to be called “The new iPhone.” And after the FIVE generations of iPhones which have been steady advancement on the same hardware design theme and OS (interface), I think the next one will be a major overhaul.

    Therefore, I predict the later choice for release date, because Apple will need as much time as possible.

  9. Apple’s probably been working on this thing for years. I doubt they only got started on it after the iPhone 4S was finished; most likely Steve had teams working on both. They can release it this summer if they wish and save the fall for the new Liquid Metal iPod touch and the 7.85″ iPad mini.

  10. Some people are just ignorant or just plain stupid to Apple’s products release schedule. Apple won’t release the next iPhone at WWDC when the last one was just released last fall. WWDC will introduce the next iOS operating system and Mountain Lion (late summer)and a a late fall release of the iPhone. Apple is about simplified release schedules and a streamlined
    product line.

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