91% of moms want Apple iPads over flowers for Mother’s Day

TechBargains.com has conducted a Mother’s Day Survey that found some interesting results, including:

What gift does mom want?
• Tech Gadget: 31%
• No Gift: 16%
• Food / Restaurant: 16%
• Flowers: 13%
• Service: 9%
• (Jewelry: 7% Entertainment: 3% Home Decor: 3% Clothes: 2%)

Of the moms who want a tech gift, which one?
• Tablet: 51%
• MP3 Player: 16%
• Laptop: 14%
• (E-Reader: 9%, Digital Camera: 4%, Other: 3% Cell Phone: 2% Television: 1%)

Of the moms who want a tablet, which one?
• iPad: 64%
• Kindle Fire: 23%
• HP TouchPad: 5%
• Samsung Galaxy: 4%
• Nook Color: 2%
• Other: 2%

What would mom rather receive, flowers or iPad?
• iPad 91%
• Flowers 9%

Mom Wants Tech

Source: TechBargains.com


  1. The 9% who want flowers probably don’t realise that pictures of flowers on the new iPad would look as good as the real thing and last much longer.

  2. I’m guessing the 9% are from planet Zogg and have no idea what an iPad is or for that matter what eBay is used for and that you can buy a lot of chrysanthemums for say $400.

  3. Gee, lemme see… What do I want? A $50 bouquet of flowers that’s gone in a couple of weeks, or a $500 iPad that lasts a couple of years?


  4. Already bought mine one for her birthday. She loves it! She didn’t quite understand what a tablet does until she got an iPad. She got right into it and now she’s loving it. Her macbook isn’t getting used as much though (not a big surprise) since the iPad is so handy.

    1. -1

      My mother has an iMac and she knows she can use my iPad at anytime without asking. She gets flowers because she likes things from the earth and flowers just make her smile more.

    2. Oh, watch out. Sarah Palin is going to be soooo in your face!

      Seriously, misogyny = not nice, not acceptable.

      Having said that statement, I shall nonetheless point out, as per usual, that TechTardiness is rampant. No human category is excluded.

  5. Seriously? They would rather have $500-1,000 worth of consumer electronics that they will use every day, than $50-100 worth of dying plant matter that will be brown in less than a week?

    Go figure.

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