Oracle: Google execs ‘knew this day would come’

“Oracle made its closing statements during the first segment of the Oracle-Google trial this morning, and it all boils down to this: Google is making excuses for taking the property of Sun Microsystems — and now Oracle — and using it on Android,” Rachel King reports for CNET.

“Oracle counsel Michael Jacobs commenced by telling the jury that ‘this is a trial between large companies over really important business issues,’ and sometimes the numbers involved have been staggering, whether they refer to the lines of code or dollar amounts in question,” King reports. “Nevertheless, Jacobs said that there is really only one, simple question that needs to be answered here: Can one company use another company’s property without permission?”

King reports, “‘You will see e-mail after e-mail in which Google executives knew this day would come,’ said Jacobs.”

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  1. This judgement day can’t come soon enough… I hope foogle gets their head handed to them. Billions of $$$ in fines and licenses, injunctions… whatever it takes, to knock them to their knees, begging for mercy. Go Oracle.

    1. I hope there are no fines or licensing fees; Google wants to just pay some fees. They want to just be able to use what they like and then pay money for it and then have the right to use it. That doesn’t hurt them, they have money. The real issue here is should a company be able to not sell their product to some one. Google is basically trying to force Oracle to sell them Java.I hope Google is just banned from using Java.

    2. “Google insisted that it had created a “clean room” to code without violating others’ technology. Only nine lines of code had been used, and they were no longer in Android as of 4.0, Van Nest said.” – macnn

      ANDROID version 1 and 2 and 3
      can be found on every cheap Galaxy ??? ace, 5, etc… lets have a a good close look at that code now then. ONYL 9 lines USED or COPIED what is it?

      Oh well, we deleted them in VERSION 4 which has a user base of how many?

      “Java pioneer James Gosling has criticized Google for the tactics it used in going without a Java license for Android. He argued that, despite former Sun chief Jonathan Schwartz saying Sun couldn’t sue Google, the decision to skip a license still hurt the company. Google “totally slimed” Sun, and even Schwartz was tolerating the action rather than endorsing it.” – macnn

    3. Gotta love Oracle. About to eat Googles face. I hope they don’t grab all of googles cash. I would love for Apple to get a huge slice of googles pie. It’s only right if they are proven in court to have stolen tech from Apple which all know they did and continue to do so.
      So if I was keeping score cash is going to Microsoft, soon to Oracle and last but least save some google doodles for Apple.

  2. When Google released Android many wondered why they did charge for it. It occurs to me that “this day” is the reason why. When it comes time to pay they can say “It’s not like we made any money from the OS”.

  3. I’ve been following the trial every day and honestly Google has done better in court than Oracle in my opinion. The former CEO of Sun took the stand and said Sun had no problem with Android and supported it. Google has laid out a hell of a defense from reading the transcripts.

    Oracle is all over the map, they have done nothing but spent the trial trying to make the jury question the meaning of words. At the heart of their argument is essentially an attack on the general public license. I can’t get behind a company pulling stunts like that. Oracle is just as bad as Google at this point in trying to separate an API from code when the licensing terms specifically state that interface files are included. They bought Sun and are now trying to say that licensing terms are different than what the license Sun released its code under states it to be.

    I think Google needs to answer for things they have done to Apple but I hope Oracle loses this fight and loses it big.

    1. Funny, I have the opposite reading of the transcripts. The 2 Google former CEO’s contradicted each other. Saying that Google was doing a good thing in a personal Blog is NOT the same as a Corporate statement.

      All of the emails and the convenient “not remembering” and “not knowing what they meant by getting a license” in the raft of Google internal emails make the case pretty clear to me.

      Oracle did NOT attack “the public license”, not have they changed the terms and definitions within their Licensing Agreements. Further, Oracle has demonstrated that Google has hampered the smartphone industry by giving away their Java technology.

      I don’t like either company, but Google has been exposed, and this is the time they have dreaded (loosely quoting from one of their own emails).

      1. lol yes indeed we are both pulling different views from the court proceedings.

        The licensing mentioned in the emails is confusing, and yes it could mean multiple things. For one you have discussions about the TCK licensing, , then there is the license if you want to display the “java logo” and then you have the licensing terms of going commercial if you do not want to be bound by the GPL on some sides.

        its more than a blog, the ex-ceo of Sun said under oath that Sun had no legal grounds to pursue Google in regards to Android. Granted he is not a lawyer but he said they did look into the matter.

        From the oracle side all I’ve seen is smoke and mirrors. Lets cloud the waters on what an API is, lets sue Google for copying a software routine they themselves submitted to the OpenJDK and it goes on and on with these guys.

        Both companies suck in a lot of ways I just feel that Oracle sucks worse in this trial.

        1. TOMORROW, I plan to take Android – recompile it, then restructure it and in 4 months i will re-write the code completely. EVEN though I am suing Android merely as a blueprint – I will make it Java compliant. Oracle will be forced to accepts this. Then i will announce to the World, my creation, RADICAL BEEP a new open source cellular OS freely to distribute and profit from my online store, sales of apps and my advertising mining plan AND as it seems I have every right to this???

          RADICAL BEEP will run both iOS apps and Android apps plus apps specifically made for Radical Beep. RIGHT… BS. TOTAL BS. ILLEGAL.

          Google states they re-wrote code to work within the frame work of Java. That also requires a licence agreement.
          Google is required to gain permission from Oracle to accept the compatible and compliance that the code is actual not derived or not copied or stolen – and that it mets Oracle’s standards and use of Java. Next, where ever there is profits and/or gains in open-source software language or borrowed code or code that meets compliance — again a licensing agreement must be made.

          If you believe otherwise, then ask yourself, why would any company buy Sun’s Java in the first place? Why did Oracle buy it – to freely help everyone? There are clear distinctions to the use of the open-source of JAVA and clear portions stating what is required to licence.

          Open-source is to benefit the community of those which embraces the software and the continued development is to further its CULTURE and GROWTH back to the software/code/language.
          IT IS that return that benefits JAVA itself not GOOGLE. IT IS CLEAR that the benefits which are enabled in Android benefit GOOGLE – its apps, its store, its sales, its manufacturing partners and the ad mining data tracking. GOOGLE took the WRONG road. Apple licences JAVA from Oracle. Google believes it has fooled everyone as did Microsoft with its Java implementations… history repeats itself here.
          Not only is Google a THIEF but a TRAITOR to America – to team up with the Koreans and China oversea and press for what they claim is a free OS. – It is NOT open – only Google develops Android.

          LASTLY, again any profits and gains of the language/software/code is DESERVING to the owner whom is ORACLE.

  4. Sorry for getting of topic, but I’ve been having issues logging in to Netflix on my iPhone and Apple TV. It just says its unavailable. Is anybody else having the same issue?

    Oh yeah screw Google 😀

  5. Google has a clear history of reckless conduct, taking other people’s data without permission.

    But rest assured the lawyers will twist this in some way and the a judge and jury without brain will somehow find Google not guilty.

    Just like that asshole of a judge told Apple that it was ok for Microshit to steal their OS.

  6. In America if you are hired to design/engineer cars for Ford to are committed to a usually contractual agreement not to jump ship and design with another company for the next 7 years.

    Andy Rubotica-boy was first at Apple . He left to start his own company Danger. He is one man. And he is no genius. He has lead the Android development believing he does not need to build from the ground up but steal and borrow code from the open-source community or whom ever he wishes without permission – this is clearly the matter at hand.

    IT IS PERFECTLY UNDERSTOOD that any open source development used for profit or gain REQUIRES A LICENCE.


    Yeah, you are free to mess with the code and do whatever you wish, for your own personal purposes OR as an umbrella to the open source community as it is clearly stated and expected that YOU will then surrender and fuel your development back by re-distrubite your addition development to the open-source community. IT IS TO BENEFIT ALL in the community of JAVA then. HOWEVER, if you have made PROFITS or GAINS to the code and communities code – EVEN made something to comply or work within the WORKINGS of the code — then you MUST COMPLY to a LICENSING agreement. WHICH must be subjected to the JAVA owner for approval. ORACLE.

    Oracle is in the ABSOLUTE right to this case.
    NO DOUBT in my Mind. PERIOD.

    To second guess the owners of JAVA and THEN to bail on talks over this – avoiding any agreements or further talks – to decide to CLAIM as Google has that they re-wrote the code was STILL based on copying from something – in fact develop code even to comply with the java language – AGAIN without consent – without an agreement. Still is within ORACLES rights to DEMAND payment from GOOGLE.

    Google is F—– PERIOD. And I hope it is a huge WIN for Oracle. Not because I like any company more or less. Just for the OBVIOUS here – simple common sense. USING java in anyway WITHOUT permission for profits or gains are is WRONG. PERIOD.

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