Here’s why iOS Apps look better than Android apps

“You might think app design is app design, whether the software is being developed for iOS or Android,” Christina Bonnington reports for Wired. “But, in fact, creating highly polished, elegant-looking apps is simply easier to do when developing for iOS. That’s the prevailing conventional wisdom among developers who code for both platforms.”

“Design is built into Apple’s DNA. Google’s legacy, on the other hand, is search,” Bonnington reports. “So it’s not too difficult to guess which platform places a higher premium on app U.I. and aesthetics — and which platform makes it easier to create beautiful software.”

Bonnington reports, “Take a look at the factors that contribute to Google’s second-class status. First, there’s fragmentation… Developer tools and documentation are also less robust in the Android space… iOS developers simply have more tools to implement intriguing, unique design.”

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MacDailyNews Take: When all is said and done, Android will end up being about as interesting as the mythological Linux on the desktop; a footnote buried in the dustbin of history.

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    1. You’re correct. There will be a demand in third world countries for cheap, inexpensive phones and Android will fit the bill. That’s where Android is really selling well now, but it’s also highly modified so that it doesn’t really look like Android. Plus, it won’t work well for developers who actually want to make money from their efforts.

    1. Wrong. OS X actually has design, standards, consistency, real documentation, and support.

      I’ve done plenty of Linux support and SysAdmin, and reached a point two years ago where I simply don’t want to work on Linux anymore.

      It’s almost as frustrating as Windows, though for somewhat different reasons.

    2. You mean FreeBSD on the Desktop is OS X.
      Linux is total different beast and has nothing in common with Apple’s OS.

      (Linux is no operating system BTW, just a kernel. The OS is called GNU/Linux)

  1. Android is like a introduction phone for people that want a smartphone but can’t yet afford it.

    But when the iPhone4 becomes free with the next iPhone release Android will have a very very difficult time competiting

    1. Yep, you need to fill in that gap in your Apple ecology. The iPhone will make all you other Apple products more powerful. And the phone itself will be more powerful when interacting with all your other Apple gear.

  2. Android often displays (or not) the user feedback equivalent of PC DOS leaving the user to wonder basic things, like… did I just take a picture? I took pictures with 3 different android phones last night and they all had different terrible ugly UI’s. Green lines and icons on black all the time… just like green type on black… DOS. Android stealing from the original… it’s DOS ice cream sandwich.

    1. When someone has an ugly baby, they will defend it to the greatest heights and stick with it to the end. However, their next baby will be tough to consider not adopting instead.

      I find it amazing that some Apple users would have ever purchased an Android phone and yet apparently some have done so, defying any logic what so ever.

  3. Apps on a ghetto smartphone dont really need a smart & polished GUI. Not much point installing italian leather bucket seats in a stock east German trabant either.

    Cheap is what you pay, cheap is what you get.

  4. Android apps all suffer by comparison to iOS apps. But until the Android users experiences iOS they really don’t know any better. A friend of mine was complaining about the very basic action of selecting a contact from his address book to make a phone call on his Android phone. The scrolling and clicking is just not as polished. When he tried the same on my iPhone he was very impressed at how much easier this basic task is. Now with Siri, I rarely need to look at the contacts list. Show off your iOS to friends with Android. Friends don’t let friends suffer with Android.

    1. A couple of Android users recently watched me speak and send a text on my iPhone 4S, and their jaws dropped. One exclaimed, “Is THAT all you have to do to send that?”
      Love when that happens.

      1. I’m sorry but sending a text via voice is MUCH better, faster, and accurate on an android phone on ICS update. I own an iPhone 4s, and the only thing siri could do better is appointments and internet searches. You obviously know very little about the subject matter, this makes you ignorant.

        1. I am willing to accept your experience and opinion. It wouldn’t surprise me for it to be true, although I’ve not tried it. The key is the ICS version of the OS, which is pretty much limited to the very newest Android devices.

    2. I have an iPhone user and I gotta say, this and the comment below are very wrong. Android voice is much faster and easier to use. I like siri and use it, but I have used a galaxy note for a few days and it was very polished, and I loved a lot go things about it. I however did not like the keyboard, which I was later told you could change?

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