Apple’s Tim Cook wins where Steve Jobs failed: Oracle takes over Java updates for OS X

“Tim Cook has pulled a startling coup, getting Larry Ellison to start cooking — if not eating — his own dog food,” Woody Leonhard reports for InfoWorld. “The headlines make it sound like Oracle, the inherited owner of Java, has generously stepped in to help protect Mac owners from infections like Flashback. There’s an important backstory, though, that hasn’t hit the headlines.”

“Although Steve Jobs tried for years to get out from under the Java ball and chain, last week Tim Cook finally coerced Oracle into supplying updates for its own software,” Leonhard reports. “It seems that Jobs’ desires have finally been fulfilled, with the Java monkey now on Oracle’s back. Cook was at the helm — perhaps actively involved? — when it happened. Apple’s now able to wash its hands of all Java’s faults going forward. Oracle has responsibility for its own product. All it took was 700,000 infections.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Or, Cook simply inherited the fruit of Steve Jobs’ labor.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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  1. This “journalism” of trying to oppose Cook and Jobs is ridiculous. Obviously, Jobs discussed with his friend Ellison that Oracle would take care of Java. It just took time to fly.

    This Woody Leonhard guy would better work for National Enquirer — ignorance and sensationalism is there.

  2. I would say, Larry simply wasn’t interested, no matter how much Steve asked. It didn’t seem like something that would in any way benefit Oracle.

    I think it was Cook, but not because he succeeded where Steve failed; it was because Oracle was getting an implied black eye from all those Java exploits, as they didn’t want to bother with Mac version, so Apple had to figure it all out by themselves.

    Larry realised that the only way to prevent these types of embarrassments in the future is to own his own product completely. The Java patches would then be released as soon as the holes are identified and fixed (on ALL platforms at the same time, presumably), and Oracle would no longer have to depend on Apple to defend its face with respect to Java security.

    This works best for both: Oracle can be more active and fix things quickly, Apple no longer has the Java headache to worry about.

  3. “All it took was 700,000 infections.”..
    But no affected users.
    It is not the same as microsoft where people lost information or even the all system because of infections in Windows.
    A lot of people are screaming about the 700,000 infections, but has any body has said how much money was lost? or how many users were not able to use their computer because of this?

    1. This was also my understanding.

      With Lion shipping without Java pre-installed, I think this is further writing on the wall that Java is not important to Apple. Cook likely told them how it was going to be if they wanted to be on Macs in the future.

  4. Apparently the practical mis-belief system of whomever macdailynews uses to insert comments in stories is that ONLY Steve Jobs could possibly succeed at “blank” – fill it in. Absurd.

  5. This article is rubbish….. Unless it states in the most FUD-y way possible that Apple is doomed without Jobs, and will be circling the toilet bowl by this time tomorrow because of (* insert favorite dumbass cause of the day here*) the article has ZERO value to the hedge fund managers.


  6. Outside my Blu-Ray player, I think I’m Java free. Yes, it’s on my Mac but I don’t recall the last time I ran anything that utilized it. (I checked the iMac for possible Flashback infestation; it’s clean.)

  7. Infoworld needs to do some research before writing it’s articles.. Just even the slightiest amount of research they would have found out that this has been in the works for years.. Oracle was to take over providing the JDK for Macs with Java 1.7… This has been in the works since 2010! Oracle has been pathicly slow in it’s development of 1.7, and only recently finished the Mac version. It has nothing to do with Cook, or the recent outbreak on the Mac.. I has everything to do with Oracle poorly managing the first Java major release it’s management!

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