Apple has largest point rise as price targets zoom

“Shares of Apple (AAPL) closed up $49.72, or almost 9%, at $610, which Dow Jones’s data gurus inform us is the largest point rise in the stock’s history, after the company last night beat fiscal Q2 expectations with a stronger-than-expected showing in sales of its iPhone, moving 35.06 million units of the thing, with strong growth, quarter over quarter, in Asia-Pacific sales overall,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s. “The phrase ‘Another iPhone Blowout’ was seen in several reports this morning, and if there have been numerous concerns about subsidy cuts for the device, or price competition, they certainly didn’t show up last night.”

“Price targets and estimates rose pretty much across the board, though some analysts were trimming their numbers for this quarter and next,” Ray reports. “But any diminished outlook for Q3 and Q4 matters little to the Street, as the focus now is moving toward the introduction of an ‘iPhone 5’ sometime later this year.”

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  1. “have been numerous concerns about subsidy cuts for the device”
    Help me understand the Media and the “analysts”
    If a crappy company going down the toilet like RIM, Microsoft / Nokia fails again and again in pulling a decent device, everybody is very exited.
    But when a company like Apple going stronger and stronger every day, success after success, leading and pushing technology to its limits, and they get “concern” about it?
    Is this real ignorance or they just hate Apple?

    1. They just can’t believe it. Apple is an anomaly in this industry. It is a 35 year old company growing like a startup. It is a testament to Steve Jobs skills as a leader and his brilliance as an architect. Rebuilding Apple into an extremely nimble and focused company.

      I don’t think analysts have ever had any thing like this before, so they don’t know what to make of it. Only thinking that at some point it must fail and fall.

      1. Don’t leave Tim Cook out as he has been running the company for longer than we all realize – remember that Steve was sick for a long time and Tim was running the show.

    2. The media and analysts all want to be the one who “called it” when Apple peaks (by their definitions, not ours or Apple’s).

      Everyone will conveniently ignore the fact they were wrong for the last decade, because people are waiting for that too.

      Tall poppy syndrome.

  2. I’d take a bad quarter from Apple anyway over a good one from those other companies – Apple will still make money – Still don’t know why the stock takes such a beating except for those freaking hedge funds manipulating it.. As a long time AAPL owner they really piss me off..

    1. Another good quarter and a greater P/E compression. Apple’s expectations rise every quarter, Apple beats expectations but the share price continues to lag nearly every quarter and has also fallen further behind price targets. It just never seems to change. Apple should easily be past $644 instead of being $34 below that mark.

    2. If it is so under priced, all you have to do is pay more for it. I have about 500 units that I will gladly sell to you for $750 each.

      Yeah, I thought so. You aren’t willing to pay it and neither is anyone else right now.

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