Remember: Apple’s quarter is 13 weeks vs. holiday quarter’s extra 14th week

“What’s a week between friends? Possibly a good deal, at least in the initial stage of public reaction to Apple’s (AAPL) second-quarter earnings, due to be reported Tuesday,” Marek Fuchs reports for TheStreet.

“The quarter will be light a week — after the extra week in Apple’s first quarter,” Fuchs reports. “Experienced traders and analysts obviously bake any legitimate calendar shift into their assumptions. But the media, for its sad part, barely tells you it’s coming.”

Fuchs reports, “This often causes a needless bout of confusion after the earnings, as traders look at comparisons and grow alarmed. How could trends be slowing? Well, they’re not. A week was just swapped from here to there… When it comes to calendar shifts, be like the Girl Scout’s and not the media: prepared.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: For a company the size of Apple, which the analysts currently expect to generate $36.63 billion, that extra week is worth somewhere between $2.62 – $2.82 billion; not an inconsiderable amount.

Those who will use that extra week to attempt to foment and manipulate AAPL will do so regardless of the facts. We will call them on it whenever we see it.

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  1. It is more important to remember not the quantity of weeks, but revenues that Apple expects: $37 billion.

    Whether Q1 was good quarter or not will depended on how actual revenue will fare comparing to this official expectation.

  2. Last quarter is fun to look at. But the holiday / Christmas quarter is alway Apple’s peek quarter. A good investor looks at the year ago quarter so that seasonal quarterly differences don’t cloud the facts and comparisons.

    Really, going to use the Christmas quarter to mislead investors. Oh fun!

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