iPhone 5 Home Buttons reportedly appear for sale on Chinese supplier website

“Home buttons that are apparently destined for the iPhone 5 have today appeared for sale on a Chinese supplier site,” AppleBitch reports.

“The buttons, colored either black or white, appeared on the site TVC-Mall.com of Shenzhen, China under the category of iPhone 5 replacement parts, a section of the site which, until recently, had been empty,” AppleBitch reports. “The Home buttons appear to be round in shape. If the parts turn out to be genuine, then this would essentially quash any suggestion that Apple was redesigning the iPhone 5 with an oval touch capacitive Home button.”

AppleBitch reports, “TVC Mall has, in the past, appeared to act as a source for leaks of other components for unreleased Apple products. In January, prior to the launch of the new iPad, replacement power cables, microphone flex cables, headphone jack connectors and a Bluetooth antenna for the unreleased device appeared on the site.”

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  1. Buttons are for sale because the supplier who made those buttons has no longer has a contract with Apple.
    Apple has decided against a physical home button.

    1. I doubt that. There would be way too many unintentional touches. Also, what about rebooting a frozen iPhone? Pretty difficult when one of the buttons relies on the frozen software to function.

      I’m sure there’s plenty of workarounds for all that, but those are the cons I could come up with off the top of my head. They seem vaguely important.

    2. No they haven’t. I don’t need it most of the time on my iPad, but a physical button is essential under certain circumstances. If you don’t understand why, I’m sure I can’t get you to understand. Marty puts it clearly, but I’m not sure even that will help.

      1. Yeah, they prefer not to have distractions outside of the display…

        However, a softly glowing home button (think backlit keyboard glow) may become necessary if they move away from a physical button to a touch capacitive button… But I can’t see them doing that.

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