Ashton Kutcher believes the role of Steve Jobs was meant for him

“Ashton Kutcher is pouring himself into the role of Steve Jobs before filming begins next month on ‘Jobs,’ an indie biopic about the late Apple innovator,” Michelle Ruiz reports for The Daily.

Ruiz reports, “‘He is already meeting with folks that knew Steve Jobs. He’s working with professionals to get inside the voice. He’s letting his hair grow out. I understand he’s canceled all meetings and actually canceled all other projects,’ producer Mark Hulme, whose newly formed Five Star Feature Films is the sole investor behind ‘Jobs,’ told Flash. ‘He believes the role was meant for him.'”

““The physical resemblance is actually scary… but he himself connects with this man in a very significant way. Of course he’s a big techie. He has a personal affinity to what Steve Jobs accomplished,’ Hulme added. ‘Ashton is a much more intense individual than a lot of his current roles represent. We are feeling convinced that he’s gonna nail this,'” Ruiz reports. “Don’t rule him out for a Best Actor Oscar campaign, either. Kutcher will begin filming ‘“Jobs’ next month in hopes of releasing the film by Thanksgiving, in time for awards consideration.”

Steve Jobs and Ashton Kutcher, Photo: Tom Munnecke/Getty Images, Henry S. Dziekan III/WireImage
Photo: Tom Munnecke/Getty Images, Henry S. Dziekan III/WireImage

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s stunning and amazing to hear a producer talking up his film.

MacDailyNews Note: Sony Pictures is currently developing its own Steve Jobs biopic, based on the bestselling biography Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. The indie production starring Kutcher is based on a script by Matt Whiteley and will focus mainly on Jobs’ early years.

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      1. I’m more concerned with the director. The right director can work with almost anyone. You know why James Cameron is a great director? Because he can make Arnold Schwarzenegger look like he’s acting. The guy who they have directing is Joshua Michael Stern, who I had never heard of before now, and seems to have directed some B+ movies.

        Terrible. I hate Hollywood. I think I’ll prob. end up not seeing it because I know it’s going to be so awful.

        1. “You know why James Cameron is a great director? Because he can make Arnold Schwarzenegger look like he’s acting.”

          Ho, ho – good one! But I’d bet that neither Cameron nor the Good Lord Himself could perform the same miracle with Tom Cruise.

  1. Yes!
    Who else is also absolutely convinced that taking a break from ‘3 & 1/2 Men’ or about 3 months is so totally adequate to properly portray this humble role? I say, hand the man a CGI Oscar now!

    1. I don’t watch the stupid show, and let’s face it- no one can play Steve Jobs. Could Cate Blanchett play Bob Dylan? Not if you’re into Dylan. Ben Affleck playing George Reeves? Our heroes are way too three-dimensional to be acceptably played by actors.

      1. Ben Affleck is far worse of an actor than Kutcher. He’s really one of the least talented actors I have ever seen. Even Pauly Shore is a better actor than Affleck.

    1. Early Jobs ok – yeah that suitable for Kutcher but is that the extent of this movie; Jobs’ the early years? Pass…

      It is the return of Jobs to Apple that is the most exciting. From Next to Apple. That would make a feel-good positive movie to see. Better to understand the change in a man and his rise to such greatness. And not a story of his dark negative side. What a bad decision to cover that – certainly after his passing.

      For me, the second coming of jobs is far more interesting.
      And Kutcher could never fit that role.

  2. “Ashton Kutcher is pouring himself into the role of Steve Jobs before filming begins next month on ‘Jobs,’ an indie biopic about the late Apple innovator,” Michelle Ruiz reports for The Daily.” It’s “poring”–not “pouring.”

      1. hey, mea culpa, you’re right Gene….

        usage: People frequently confuse the verbs pore and pour. Pore is used with over or through and means ‘be absorbed in reading something’ ( I spent hours poring over cookbooks), while pour means ‘flow or cause to flow in a steady stream’ ( water poured off the stones; pour the marinade over the pork). As pore is a much less common word, people often choose the more familiar pour, producing sentences such as she was pouring over books and studying till midnight. Although increasingly common, this use is incorrect in standard English.

  3. First, he’s an ACTOR, so your ad hominem attacks are meaningless. Either he can act like job or he can’t. My money’s on can. Noah Wiley actually did quite a crummy acting job in Pirates and many were pleased. This should be much better.

    Second, yeah, sounds like a producer doing his job. Let’s not start flipping out about awards, etc.

    1. Precisely. So many of Apple fans here were totally thrilled by the performance of Noah Wile and apparently believe he was a good choice. While Noah Wile is a somewhat decent TV actor, that is about as much as what he is — a decent TV actor. Ne is nowhere near the same league (talent- and craft-wise) as Ashton Kucher (many years younger), who has the range and breadth of talent that Wyle simply doesn’t.

      It is another thing altogether what Hollywood does with its talent, often just pigeonholing people with broad gift into some pre-conceived stereotypes, from which very few are capable of escaping.

      1. I agree about Noah Wile. I did like that Pirates of Silicon Vally movie but Wile was definitely not an amazing actor in it.
        While Kutcher is not my favorite actor he does fairly good job at it. I’m willing to give it a chance. In my opinion Kutcher has mostly done throw away roles so far (teenybopper stuff, raunchy comedies, etc). I’d be interested to see how he does with a more serious role. I’ve seen Kutcher in a few settings that did give me the impression he has some ability to be serious and intense.

  4. I dunno. Ashton may finally step up to the plate representing Jobs early years. The proof, or not, is in the final pudding so I reserve judgment until then. I hope he does a good “Job(s)”.

  5. I’m not a big fan of Ashton Kutcher, but he has surprized me with his acting skills a couple of times.

    For what it’s worth, I’ll just wait and grant him the opportunity to make it happen.

    Most people see him as the pothead in “That’s 70s Show”, and can’t see him beyond the clown role.

    But hey, Jamie Foxx was also a comedian, and blew people away playing Ray Charles.

    So, I’ll wait and see and judge AFTER the movie, not before.

  6. Gee Ashton, so glad that Steve was born and was successful just so YOU can have meaning!

    After all, that’s what it is all about right?

    If I hear one more moronic Hollywood dipstick say, “This role was meant for me.”, I’ll send their photo to Jared! Or something…

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