MacBook Pro 2012: How Apple is planning to make it better than MacBook Pro (late 2011)

“The latest buzz in the market is that Apple is launching an overhauled version of MacBook Pro, dubbed as MacBook Pro 2012,” Sangeeta Mukherjee reports for The International business Times. “The Cupertino-based tech giant will launch a 15-inch model at first and two other variants will follow soon.”

“Apple is long due for a complete makeover to its Pro line laptops. It was only four years ago that the company did design touchup for the MacBook Pro,” Mukherjee reports. “According to the latest rumors, Apple is trying to bridge the gap between its MacBook Pros and lightweight MacBook Airs to a significant level with the new upgrade.”

Mukherjee reports, “Here is a comparison between the 15-inch Pro 2012 and the late 2011 15-inch Pro model, which will mainly revolve around functionality and new features of these two models to see how Apple is working on making the new release better than the previous model.”

• Pro 2012 will be thinner and slimmer and will follow MacBook Air form factor
• Retina Display on the Card for Pro 2012
• Intel’s Core i5 and Core i7 Ivy Bridge chipset
• Thunderbolt Port
• Full-Surface Trackpad with “accidental touching” sensing
• Surround Sound System

Mukherjee reports, “While Christian Post reported that the new lineup of MacBook Pro laptops could release a as early as May, The Economic Daily Times of China has reported that the new MacBook Pro is currently under production at Foxconn and Quanta Computer and will be shipped in June.”

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  1. Nice, but for the most part incremental changes, other than the display, as would be expected given the short time frame from the last updates.
    I also notice the misplaced obsession with appearance change for change’s sake has spread from the iPhone to the MBP.

  2. I’m feeling neglected. Sure, iPads are the new western frontier, but that doesn’t mean that all of us east of the Appalachians are dead. All of the Macs need overhauls. Apple has neglected Pages and Numbers for so long, not even fixing obvious bugs, that the rumor-mongers don’t bother speculating about updates.

    I remember when Apple was supposed to put out new MacBook Pros in April. Not going to happen. I hope these prognostications are correct. There are no alternatives to the Mac.

  3. The only stuff from apple that I’m looking forward to as of now is updated Macmini’s and Macpro’s. Well…apart from a Finder that doesn’t suck as much as the medieval workflow as seen in Lion.

  4. Stop snap back Tuesday, new Macs in May, Supreme Court flushes ObamaCare down the subway toilet in June, new iPhone in October, we dump the Kenyan clown and his lapdog moron team in November, capital gains tax stays where it is for January. Shaping up to be a good year.

  5. Stock snap back Tuesday, new Macs in May, Supreme Court flushes ObamaCare down the subway toilet in June, new iPhone in October, we dump the Kenyan clown and his lapdog moron team in November, capital gains tax stays where it is for January. Shaping up to be a good year.

  6. There won’t be new Macs of any sort until Mountain Lion comes out.

    As for Obamacare, which does not belong on this forum, if the Supreme Court decides our government should not use taxpayer money to serve the taxpayer, I lose my health insurance forever. And so do many others.

    1. Hey, here’s an idea.
      Why not have the Government stop taking so much of your money in taxes so that you can pay for your health insurance with your own money.

      Or did you really mean that you will lose your health insurance forever if the Government stops taking *other people’s* tax money to pay for your insurance?

      1. Laptops come and go. So does your health. Young and healthy makes it easy. Middle-aged, and with a history, you’re SOL. Taxes accumulate for the whole, not the individual. Absent same, we have a desert with a few casinos. Some times you win, most of the time you lose. ‘Rich’ is not guaranteed by your abilities.

      2. because i have a preexisting condition and private insurance companies refuse to write me a policy? and even if they would, it’s too expensive for me to afford anyway??

      3. Well, as long as ya brought it up C++…

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        I might have said, “Hey, let’s try to do this without going down the old ‘soak-the-rich’ bs route.”

        How about we:

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        I.e. look for incentive instead of punitive measures. Find ways to make people cooperate as opposed to turning everyone into criminals under the mandate of THE GOVERNMENT.

        1. Perhaps if the Republicans had helped to craft a concise and prudent health care overhaul bill, you would not have had anything about which to bellyache, TMac. Instead, the GOP did everything possible to obstruct everything that the Dems tried to do, getting this country nowhere fast. I respect differences in opinion, but the “my way or the highway” approach of the GOP over the past decade has been devastating. Combine that with the lack of leadership and balls on the Dem side, and the result is that no one is willing to make the tough decisions needed to straighten things out. Libertarian seems like the only reasonable way to go right now.

          When the left and right polarized and lost the ability to negotiate legislation (around 2001), this country started to go downhill. Screw your tax cuts if the annual deficit and accumulated debt are large – and they are very large. The free ride has ended – either pay for the services that you want or join hands for the next worldwide depression after the U.S. defaults on its debt. If the debt grows much more and/or interest rates increase, the U.S. is in major trouble.

      4. Healthcare + Americans: Please watch movie Sicko and understand how it could be. Yes we pay taxes but yes healthcare is MUCH better in The Netherlands and many other countries. In order to have a great country like the US to be more civilized you DO need an similar healthcare arrangement. The differences in the US between the haves and the have-nots are similar to those in developing countries. Forget Rep. vs Dem. Get on board of the HC system. You should not let the potential of this great nation be ruined by politics that make no sense.

        Yes, our own system required work and is not perfect, but if you go to the hospital here you are cured first and do the paperwork later.

        AppleCare? 10,000,000,000 worth of AppleCare? An Apple a day keeps the doctor bills away?

  7. Hmm enough of politics.

    Can’t wait until the new MBPs arrive. Of course that is just an expression since I have no choice but to wait.

    Here’s what I would like:
    15 inch screen
    Improved battery life (especially when playing movies or running parallels).
    Thinner design
    SSD drive of at least 250GB, preferably 500GB
    No optical drive
    Lighter weight
    Base price the same as before.

    I have a 4 year MBP now so am ready for an upgrade. Normally I would go for the previous model but this time may be a first adopter.

  8. Apple is no longer serious about the computer business. Apple does not have the intellectual or skills bandwidth to be competitive in mobil, computers and software together. They apparently dont understand that mobil leans on computers and software. When there are no computing devices worth buying, there is less likelyhood I will be buying other Apple devices

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