In-App Purchasing lawsuit against Apple allowed to proceed

“A group of California parents calling Apple’s in-app purchasing practices rotten for luring their kids with expensive ‘addictive’ game apps gets to proceed with a class-action lawsuit. A San Jose judge recently denied Apple’s effort to get the case dismissed,” Michelle Maltais reports for The L.A. Times.

MacDailyNews Take: Ooh, Apple and “rotten.” How original.

Maltais reports, “n the suit, the parents allege that their minor children were able make purchases of ‘game currency’ within free games without their knowledge or permission. And the ‘highly addictive’ nature of the games ‘compel children playing them to purchase large quantities of game currency, amounting to as much as $100 per purchase or more,’ the suit alleges.”

“Although Apple has since made adjustments, at the time the suit was filed, several purchases could be made for a period after the password was initially entered to buy the app,” Maltais reports. “While the case can go forward, whether the parents prevail remains to be seen, of course. Apple has argued that parents can easily block their children from making such charges.”

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  1. Parents, take responsibility for your children! …. End of Story! …. If you don’t understand this message …. You deserve what you get! ….. Not really rocket science is it?

  2. Dear Parents,

    Get ready to be SEVERELY embarrassed in court for not taking advantage of Apples simple-to-use child purchasing restriction tools. As per usual, laziness and ignorance does not equate to relinquishing your personal responsibility for raising your own children. DEAL WITH IT.

    And of course, enjoy pointlessly forking over dough to your lawyers. 😯 Oops.

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