Microsoft and Intel hope to push iPad market share under 50% by next year

“Both Microsoft and Intel are said to have been working closely with PC makers in hopes of pushing Apple’s iPad to less than 50 percent of the global tablet market by mid-2013,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“Original design manufacturers based in Taiwan indicated to DigiTimes that Intel and Microsoft have been working closely with partners to develop new tablets based on the forthcoming Windows 8 operating system, which will launch this fall,” Oliver reports. “The sources indicated that Microsoft will release Windows 8 for traditional PCs to device makers in September, while Windows RT, the newly announced name for the ARM-based version, will be issued some time after.”

Oliver reports, “Windows 8 tablets from Lenovo and Acer are expected to be priced as low as $300, to take on low-end Android tablets, while more expensive and powerful models will target Apple’s iPad. Those tablets will reportedly cost as much as $1,000; Apple’s most expensive iPad model with a 64-gigabyte capacity and wireless cellular connectivity is $829.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We await the mock iPad funeral with bated breath.

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  1. If they turn out to be anything like the Microsoft powered phones that Nokia have bet their company on, I don’t think that Apple will be losing any sleep.

    Trying to take on Apple in the tablet market is going to be an expensive mistake for many companies. It’s not as though anybody ( other than Apple ) seems to be making much money out of the UltraBook category either.

    1. MisNokia can take on Apple and sell lots of units.

      The real question is at what price point and what net profit.

      I doubt it is going to be worth their effort because they are 3 years too late to match Apple and they are 10 YEARS LATE if they wanted to beat Apple.

    1. They probably won’t charge as much, but even if they do… People will buy it. I’ve got clients that would pay full price for a 100% compatible iOS based Microsoft Office right now. It sucks but people are dependent on it.

    2. If you look at the latest SKU and production edition data that MS has posted it appears they are shipping Office as a part of Windows RT, which is the ARM version.

      It might make sense for them to include Office with the ARM release since without it you won’t have any apps for your shiny new MS slab. lol.

  2. Microsoft Office trumps Angry Birds.

    In the fast moving world of technology (like that?) even the nascent iPad is starting to look a bit long in the tooth. It will take more than a retina display to fend off challengers. The new iPad is sweet, but really doesn’t offer a dramatically different or enhanced experience over the iPad 2. A new 7″ iPad timed to counter any Microsoft/Intel announcement along with a significantly improved ( and I mean *significantly* ) iOS 6, would go a long way as far as hanging onto market share. Bumping the iPad up to an 8 megapixel camera and faster processor alone won’t do it.

    Even hopeless fanboys like myself will skip that generation.

    I’m also highly UNIMPRESSED with iCloud’s SaaS component, and let’s face it, iTunes has evolved into a nightmare. Homesharing has turned into a piece of crap and the 3rd generation AppleTV is buggy as well.

    I don’t feel like Tim Cook (I call him Cookiewuss) has the strength to lead Apple. I don’t sense the singular vision. I feel as though he’s too busy running around being a nice guy in this new kindler, gentler Apple. I fear that the rank and file of Apple may not fear screwing up like they used to because Cookiewuss will forgive. I think it’s time for some of those old guys at the top of Apple to step down. They’ve fired their wads and done well but newer ides are needed.

    It’s time for the to change, evolve. We don’t need stupid press conferences every time they add pixels to the screen or the camera. Not to mention the fact that Cookiewuss just doesn’t have the magic to pull that crap off. Save the hoopla for revolutions. A nice video on the website wii do for evolutions.

    1. Steve Jobs pulled off the most phenomen turnaround of a company in history. He was a force of nature. Anyone is going to look like a bit weak tea by comparison. I really don’t think Apple can do better than Tim. Stuff is happening at Apple, and it’s more than just more pixels coming our way. ( maybe even a new Mac Pro)

    2. You are entitled to your opinion. The retina display is a very big deal. And it will have a huge impact on computing going forward.

      Its hard to imagine you’ve used one given you call it “some pixels” but maybe you have. If you have, you are one of the only people writing about the new iPad who reacted that way.

      MS Office is at least as bloated as iTunes, and the ribbon is a complete clusterfuck. The only real thing going for office is the fact it is the de facto standard with most people using its file format.

      That alone won’t save MS hopes in the tablet space. MS might sell a few tablets but there’s no reason to believe they can significantly dent the iPad, which is well on its way to eclipsing the sales of windows and go far beyond it.

      No way is the iPads marketshare going under 50%. On the contrary, iPad will far surpass windows in usage and will only take a few more years. I say 5 tops and it will have more units in use. And if by then it does not have a full version of office by microsoft, then Apple can replace ms office as the standard office suite.

      I don’t agree with your assessment of Cook either. You are not even close.

      1. I’m using one right now. It’s a gorgeous screen, twilight. In fact I recently wrote, “…The subtlety is in the fact that it’s not what I saw, but what I didn’t see. What is gone is the minute jagged edges in text that we’ve learned to ignore. The blur of anti-aliasing is gone. As you’re reading the crisp quality of text will stand out. The striking clarity of print alone is an unexpectedly pleasing experience. It’s as if the text has been hand painted in smooth strokes as opposed to being formed by pixels. The constant comparison is to printed text, like on the page of a book. This comparison is not an exaggeration.

        If you read a page of text with the New iPad then immediately look at the same text on the older iPad 2, the iPad 2’s screen will look slightly blurry. In fact, if you read a page of text and look at the same page on your brand new 27” iMac, the iMac screen will look blurry in comparison….”

        Nonetheless, most people I’ve shown the new iPad too don’t see a remarkable difference, and given the option of retina display vs. Microsoft Office, I fear they’ed opt for the productivity the compatibility of Office brings.

        One of the largest iPad users out there is SAS. They love the iPad. They are also waiting with baited breath for the Windows 8 tablet because they know the majority of their clients perceive it to be a business tablet. This is what I mean when I say Office trumps Angry Birds.

        Think like an IT director. The iPad is great but you’ve got a sea of Windows Vista and Windows 7 machines. You’ve got this complex network built on top of Exchange and Active Directory, and most of your users live in Office 90% of the day. A Windows 8 tablet will drop seamlessly into this infrastructure. Guess what? Windows 8 wins.

        Business apps will flock to Win 8 tablets. Most won’t require that much of a rewrite to take advantage of the new UI.

        Much has been written about Apple infiltrating the enterprise due to commercialization

      1. It’s the way I see him. He looks like a frail old man on stage, he’s running around giving dividends unnecessarily, giving employees large amounts of time off, seems way too relaxed.

        I hope I’m wrong. So far Cookiewuss just isn’t a force. Hell when I say Tim Cook to people now they have to be reminded who he is.

    3. I agree that Office provides an opportunity for MS to promote their tablet.
      Don’t forget though that this will not be available for 9-12 months. That’s a long time in the tech industry.

      The iPad is a consumer device. I bought the iPad2 for my wife for Xmas (the first time she has ever allowed me to buy her an electronic device for that).
      She has switched from watching TV in the evenings to reading. We barely watch 3 hours of TV a week now.
      Cook is the reason that Apple can deliver the products. Jobs was great at innovation but Cook put the infrastructure together to get the products out on time.
      I still remember having to wait months for new products to ship. From issues with components to supply problems, Apple would announce products and then have people waiting to buy them.
      Now most products are available on line or in stores on the day they are announced. Even big demand products like the iPad and iPhone had only 2 weeks prerelease.
      I disagree about not announcing new releases in press conferences. It’s free publicity and only Apple can use it to great effect. No one can beat Jobs at a stage show like that. Hopefully someone will take the lead or maybe Cook will improve with practice.
      Out of all I think you’re 95% wrong on most of your take. What I do agree is that it is important to maintain that visionary lead in product development. That will not come from Cook but from the hoard of skilled engineering and software designers that Apple have accrued.

      1. I think you agree with me more than you think.

        “Office provides an opportunity for MS to promote their tablet.”
        Agreed. Office is not just some app though. Office is the 800lb gorilla of apps, any way you view it. It’s a small business/enterprise cornerstone whether we think it sucks or not, and a tablet running Office will be a forced to be reckoned with.

        “9-12 months is a long time in the tech industry.” Good point, and this is where I’m hoping that Apple will do more than deliver us a higher resolution camera or some other feature that should have been there all along. While they’re at it they seriously need to work on Pages/Numbers word and excel compatibility. A Word document should import into Pages and print from Pages looking EXACTLY as it did in Word and this just doesn’t happen.

        Your most excellent point is that the iPad is a consumer device. The iPad breaking into business has been a exquisite example of the tail wagging the dog. The dog has noticed though. Windows 8 tablets will have an easier time capturing consumers than Apple will capturing business users. Apple has made it no secret, Steve made it no secret that business is not their direction. They are a consumer electronics company.

        I agree that Tim Cook was the force behind Apple’s striking manufacturing and shipping success. I just don’t sense that he’s a viable force in vision and employee motivation.

        I totally disagree on those press conferences. They’ve become an anachronism and they’re embarrassing. I love those videos that they put up and most product announcements could be handled well by those. Having hand chosen members of the press fly to the west coast for product bumps is kinda silly. But that’s pretty much the only thing I disagree with you on.

    4. Wake up, Thelonious. There are only two things the iPad needs to do to fend off its challengers: have a superior operating system, and have superior hardware. And by “superior hardware”, I do not mean more cores or megapixels. I mean actual quality.

      It will take more than a retina display to fend off challengers? Uh, no. The iPad could fend off its challengers while standing still. In fact, that’s exactly what the iPad 2 has been doing during the lead-up to the iPad 3.

      You say they need to hang on to marketshare? As if it’s being snatched away from them? By what? Android tablets are stuck spinning their wheels in the mud. As Metro is a certified flop and the concept of fullblown Windows running on a tablet has been completely rejected by consumers for over a decade, Windows 8 tables are DOA. Is there a third challenger I don’t know about?

        1. Windows 8? Competitor?

          Did you miss where I pointed out how Metro is a failure and that tablet PCs running the full desktop version Windows have sold like shit for all of their 10+ years on the market?

          How is W8 going to compete with the iPad when W8’s mobile UI is a laughingstock and its desktop UI is unusable on a tablet? Even IT has laughed tablet PCs out of the room, opting instead for laptops if they need something mobile.

          Is Office supposed to make tablet PCs succeed? It sure as hell never did before. Is it magic? Will magic save them?

    5. What you’re forgetting is just how far behind all the other tablet makers are. Thus, even evolutionary changes for an iPad is yet another huge obstacle for others.

      I agree that I’m not going to move from my iPad 2 to the new iPad, but that doesn’t mean anyone is even closer to competing with Apple. Microsoft can’t even get an OS out the door. And there’s no way tablet makers will be able to build a quality tablet running any version of Windows, sell it for $300, and make a dime of profit. Microsoft isn’t going to give away its OS.

    6. I worked there under both Tim and Steve. Steve may have been a firebrand, but Tim is cold steel. Do not underestimate his ability to lead. He may not *yet* have the public track record that Steve *built* — but that’s not a concern for this veteran.

    7. Grain Ergot Syndrome. Hallucinations Evident:

      even the nascent iPad is starting to look a bit long in the tooth. <- Not on this planet. It doesn't even have a worthy 3rd party competitor! [Hallucinations evident]

      It will take more than a retina display to fend off challengers. <- WHAT challengers?! The iPad [3] broke sales records! [Hallucinations evident]

      …Even hopeless fanboys like myself will skip that generation. <- And yet it is entirely safe to predict that the exact OPPOSITE will happen! [Hallucinations evident]

      …the 3rd generation AppleTV is buggy as well <- It's the SECOND generation Apple TV. What 3rd generation?! [Hallucinations evident]

      I don’t feel like Tim Cook (I call him Cookiewuss) has the strength to lead Apple. <- And yet he's lead Apple for YEARS already, with Steve Jobs out on medical leave, with the 'wuss' result of Apple breaking sales records with more and better innovative products than ever! [Hallucinations evident]

      It’s time for the to change, evolve. <- That's what exactly what happened when Jobs escaped this plain of human lunacy and Cook took over Apple! You want ANOTHER evolution of Apple? Into what? Purple haze? [Hallucinations evident]

      A nice video on the website wii do for evolutions. WTF are you going on about? You want Apple to become Nintendo?! That company is fending off collapse after a ‘Dramatic Decline In Sales’ since last autumn! [Hallucinations evident]

      Get off the drugs dude! If this was an attempt at humor or fanboy baiting, total FAIL.

  3. Intel is alive thanks to Apple, apple help in the development of the Core technology, just like it help on the PowerPC with IBM and Motorola (now freescale).
    Just like Google, Intel will regret the day they decided to work against apple and not with them.

  4. Capturing market share seems like a pretty retarded goal when designing products. It’s far too generalized a goal to actually win over consumers that way. Android smartphones have done it recently by dropping the cost of ownership very low, but I still think that had more to do with subsidies than anything else. However, I don’t think Apple should concern itself with holding on to market share using any drastic measures such as steep price cuts on its products.

    Apple just needs to keep product quality high and retain its loyal customers. Just as Apple has most of the profits in smartphones despite having smaller market share than Android, their strategy should continue to work with tablets even if Microsoft and Intel try to flood the market with Windows 8 tablets. Apple still has the upper hand with its retail stores.

  5. They key word here is HOPE

    I only hear the word ‘hope’ used when the path is unclear and the path is unclear when the plan sucks.

    They have no real plan, they are just ‘hoping’ to push ipad sales down.

    1. I read somewhere that “Hope springs eternal”. Looks like it might still hold true. A year from now the iPad will be through yet another refresh cycle. If you consider the synergism in iOS and hardware that flows between the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Microsoft is competing against about generation 18 of the iDevice world. Good luck with that.

  6. Wow! heated…

    The hoped to do the same with the Zune. look where it is now!

    The Horse has bolted out of the gate, MS, Nokia and intel will have a cold day in hell before they catch up!

    It’s the User experience that makes the difference!

    and I don’t look at MS for that! 🙁

  7. Micro$hit? Come on, the garbage that they keep releasing is just as bad if not worse than Windows 95 or Vista were and that people, including myself at one time paid a arm and a leg for.

  8. Yopu don’t play catch upon the tech industry to be successful. You innovate. Apple did not “catch up” to Microsoft. Microsoft has always made its biggest success in the enterprise market. Tehir success in the consumer space was at the expense of a lazy and loaded Apple. Apple’s recent success has been in exploiting markets that Microsoft ignore, including the consumer market which seems to have responded to specific purpose computing devices at the expense of what we traditionally call a computer. The nearly 100 million iOs tablets in the world show no sign of having their continued success in either marketshare or profitability tied to the presence of MS Office. These are basically a new breed of device requiring a new breed of software solution. Microsoft has not figured out what CONSUMERS deem as important in the use of what are “predominantly” consumption devices. Tjhey can’t comet on price, performance, capability or ecosystem; much in the same way that Apple has yet to make significant inroads in the Enterprise. (Don’t tell me that the stealth of having iOS personal devices invade corporate space as really meaningful.) Until Enterprise buys iPads they way they buy commodity hardware, Apple will be a secondary player in the Enterprise.

    Apple’s recent success has been to develop a line of products that bring computational muscle to everyday products without wearing a “computer” on its sleeve.

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