Apple to launch ‘iPad mini’ in third quarter this year, report claims

“Chinese net portal, NetEase, has a story on a rumored new mini Apple tablet,” Erci Jou reports for Kotaku.

NetEase claimed that the device will be released around the third quarter of this year to ‘counter attack’ the upcoming Windows tablets,” Jou reports. “The report further claims that the devices will cost anywhere from US$249 to $299 and that there will be an initial 6 million units ready for launch.”

Jou reports, “Honhai Precision (Foxconn) and Pegatron are the two companies that will supposedly make the device.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. So, I guess the iPod Touch will be killed off. Too bad.

    I don’t see how a mini tablet is going to fight off Windows 8 tablets since Win 8 tablets would seem to have a difference target audience.

    1. The general price point of this rumored iPad mini does overlap that of the current iPod touch. But it seems premature to assume that the iPod touch will be killed off if an iPad mini is released. Perhaps the price of the iPod touch will be reduced? That would represent a double-whammy to Android.

      I believe that there is ample room for several form factors of touch devices from small (~3.5″ to 4.0″ diagonal) to medium (~6-8″ diagonal) to large (current iPad 9.7″ diagonal) to even larger (you are free to speculate on possible sizes, but laptop sizes of 13.3″ and 15.4″ diagonal certainly seem possible).

      Some people want a smaller and cheaper (mostly cheaper, to be honest) iPad. If Apple can release an iPad mini in the $250 range, then it would seriously impact Android and Win 8 plans to compete with Apple. Apple would lock up the full range of large volume touch device form factors, leaving little of value for would-be competitors to pursue, except the cheapest of low-end garbage and expensive B.A. Tables. I believe that this would be a positive move by Apple. There is nothing sacred about 3.5″ and 9.7″ display form factors. Something in between those two sizes could be quite successful, given the right price point.

  2. If it’s being introduced during fall event, it will be an iPod (not an iPad) — maybe an iPod . It should be a 16:9 form factor (to easy hd with one hand and also fit into ISO-standard, Double-DIN vehicle dashboards). The screen will not be larger than about 7-inches diagonally.

    This all based on simple deduction of ISO specs and competive market needs. Apple needs a device to compete in both the smaller tablet and vehicle dashboard markets.

  3. As a convert to e-books, I want a Kindle–I just want it made by Apple.

    My iPod touch serves perfectly for my other recent addiction, audio books (plus music, etc.).

    I think Apple understands the consumer profile I fit into.

  4. Don’t really see the point of a device that is a smaller version of an iPad. I say Apple will only be doing so to target the cheaper e-reader market, and counter Windows 8 tablet. Personally a 9.7 inch is enough. I can’t believe people bitch about the weight of the iPad, and how it is a bit heavier than the iPad 2 like really? Shut the fuck up.

    Go overseas to Afghanistan and carry 100 pounds on your back. To me it would be kind of pointless for 7 inch tablet. But let’s see how this works out, could be beneficial for Apple.

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