German court may ban iPhone, iPad again within a few months – same Moto patent as last time

“At the Mannheim Regional Court, I just attended the pronouncement of a Motorola v. Apple decision by Judge Andreas Voss,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents. “A (second) decision was due today in the matter in which a default judgment had been entered against Apple in early November after Apple’s counsel didn’t show up for the originally-scheduled trial in late October. After Apple objected to the default judgment, a second trial took place on February 3, 2012 (with all the lawyers).”

“In this particular case, the decision with respect to one patent (the non-standard-essential push notification patent) mirrors a previous one, while there are somewhat different issues with respect to the standard-essential patent,” Mueller reports. “I don’t expect Apple’s customers to be affected in any way that would go beyond the deactivation of push notifications that’s already in place. For Motorola it’s nevertheless useful to have this decision in place against Cupertino as well. It makes it harder for Apple to circumvent the injunction (which it didn’t try, but who knows what it might have done later) and it’s another legal entity from which Motorola can claim damages (if it fends off Apple’s appeal, which I’m sure is going to be filed shortly).”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Germany (Deutchland) is an important market in Europe.

    Apple needs to give it serious consideration.

    @OpenMinde: your handle belies your ignorance. You should probably change it. Also, English grammar can be your friend. Embrace it.

    1. Actually it’s “Deutschland.”

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  2. Very silly. Just add a timed look up in stead of a push and this is solved. Yes, the carriers will not like the additional load on their networks. But, that is Ok. Motorola gets nothing and it doesn’t change anything for Apple. Everyone else suffers. Let the German people set it to what ever they want and cripple the load on the carriers in Germany with every 1 minute or 15 second inquiries.

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