Apple seeds OS X 10.7.4 build 11E46 to developers

“Almost two weeks after the last release to developers, Apple has seeded OS X 10.7.4 build 11E46 to developers this evening,” Jake Smith reports for 9to5Mac.

“The update features no known issues and asks developers to focus on the App Store, graphics, Mail, QuickTime, screen sharing, and Time Machine,” Smith reports. “If you’re a registered Mac developer you can grab the update from the Developer Center.”

Smith reports, “Apple has provided no public release date for 10.7.4.”

Check out Apple’s full release notes in the full article here.


  1. **wishing very hard** Dear Apple:
    please fix the Finder please fix the Finder please fix the Finder please fix the Finder please fix the Finder please fix the Finder please fix the Finder please fix the Finder please fix the Finder please fix the Finder please fix the Finder . . .

  2. There are so many issues with lion, it’s not even funny. The blurry icons issue is atypical for Apple and just feels unprofessional. Switching between a 30′ cinema display and a 15′ mbp is just crap. Lion is definitely slower than snow leopard. And it’s a disgrace that we still need to work with a finder that was built not to confuse people who’ve never seen an interface. Why can’t we move on? I mean, the functionality of Pathfinder, forklift, Alfred, QS, ABFR etc. should all be part of the OS by now.

    1. I totally agree. Lion has been such an amazing clusterfsck. Never has Apple come so close to giving a Microsoft experience as this. The amount of problems that Lion has given is just beyond enormous. Even 3 upgrades has done almost nothing to mitigate how terrible the Mac experience has become. Reverting back to 10.6.8 has solved every last problem I have had. Snow Leopard is a PHENOMENAL OS and one that simply has to be bettered by Apple if they are to improve the Mac.

    2. I am using 10.6.8 on one Mac and 10.7.3 on two other Macs. I really don’t see the major problems that you and the joker are hammering on. Could Lion use some improvement? Sure, but I don’t view Lion as a catastrophe.

      And liking 10.7.3 to the experience from a Microsoft OS…that seems more than a bit extreme to me.

      1. Agree kingmel. I’ve seen none of the complaints on my three machines. And while 10.6 is smoother, no doubt Lion’s relationship to iCloud and full recall of open apps, browser pages etc. take a toll on performance- but the mac has always been and remains light years ahead of anything Microsoft has ever provided. Any comparison to Windoze is laughable.

  3. I just LOOOVE how when I’m watching a movie or TV show full screen on my iMac the Finder just randomly swoops into obscuring the video even as it plays on. I have to do a two finger left swipe on the mouse to bring the video back. Very annoying!

  4. If they could possibly use a tiny bit of their billions to fix the SMB Samba bug and other Windows Server networking issues, that would be good. Had to switch to a PC at work after trying everything possible to get my MBP to work with the server.

    My biggest gripe with Apple is the exclusion of Snow Leopard – capped machines from iCloud. No reason for it if Vista and Win 7 PC’s can work with it.

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