Is Apple wasting its time on Macs?

“Hewlett-Packard is still on top, and gaining. Dell is slipping. Apple is still a darling, with a pair of asterisks,” Rick Aristotle Munarriz writes for The Motley Fool.

“The first of Apple’s asterisks is that HP actually posted stronger year-over-year growth than Apple. This bodes well for HP heading into its upcoming quarterly report. Naturally, this doesn’t look good for Apple ahead of its report later this month, but just remember that Macs are no longer a material driver for the Cupertino titan. IPad and iPhone sales made up 72% of its holiday quarter revenue, with Macs accounting for a thin 14% slice of the revenue mix,” Munarriz writes. “The second asterisk is one that you won’t see from this table. We have to dig up Gartner’s data from January to show market share data for the fourth calendar quarter. Apple had a chunky 11.6% of the U.S. market during the period. It’s now down to 10.6%.”

Munarriz asks, “Apple’s present — and undeniably its near-term future — is more about iOS than Mac OS. Isn’t it better if Apple simply focuses on those platforms and nixes its Macs and MacBooks? …Should Tim Cook kill that Mac?”

“Are you insane?” Munarriz writes. “I was only testing you. Apple has better things to do than pry MacBooks from a fanboy’s cold, dead fingers. Letting the long tail for PCs play out makes far more sense than putting all of its eggs in the iOS basket.”

Read more about why Apple is not “wasting its time on Macs” in the full article here.


    1. Hewlett-Packard (Let us call them Box Maker A) takes Windows PC sales from Acer (Let us call them Box Maker B). So Box Maker A takes from B’s market share of Windows PC boxes. Apple takes from all the missed Windows PC sales and adds to it’s market sales while gutting all the PC Netbooks with their iPads (Which can’t be mentioned or calculated in).

      “Worldwide PC shipments posted a 1.9% year-over-year gain.” What is the number WITHOUT Apple Macs? It is NEGATIVE now and has been NEGATIVE for several quarters now! These idiots can’t see a tsunami even when it is visible at the beach!

      1. Well, that, and as Cook already noted, if Mac sales are being cannibalized at the expense of another Apple product (iPad), that’s a pretty good position to be in. Even with such possible cannibalization, the Mac share is still growing. It will be interesting to see if a refresh and/or redesign of the Macs helps bump the growth a bit further. I certainly hope so.

      1. … that was a long lead-in, up to ““Are you insane?” Munarriz writes. “I was only testing you.”
        And it certainly sounded like the twaddle every second or third analyst is peddling. The real question to be asked is how solid is the Mac’s position, not how they compare to the leader. The fact that HP focuses on the Enterprise niche while Apple focuses on the Consumer niche means their competition is not direct, though they are selling similar products.

    1. Same here. 2x 27″ iMacs and 2 mac laptops. I now use one of my iMacs as a media server for my iPad and Apple TV.

      MAcs are the only growing big PC company. As has been mentioned HP and Dell are struggling. Apple are not. Part of that growth might be down to the Halo effect of iOS devices.

          1. Hahaha 🙂 Seriously, though… Just watching videos of user reviews of windows 8… the look of confusion, their first time impressions… Sit back, relax, enjoy the show. The look on their faces when they can’t find the start menu is priceless. 🙂

  1. 1) HP’s gains came at the expense of the other PC vendors.
    2) Mac’s are an integral part of Apple’s eco-system with enormous room for continued growth.

    Heck no they aren’t going to kill it off.

  2. Did any of the other commenters actually read the final lines of this bit? He said ‘of course they shouldn’t. It would be stupid to put all of their eggs in the iOS basket’

  3. I love it – HP “posts stronger growth” which mean they moved more boxes out the door. They’re still doing the el-cheapo count that the number of units sold is more important than the profit made on those units. I thought we were all about capitalism? Why isn’t it better to make higher profits?

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