Liar Mike Daisey dumped as Cornish College commencement speaker, will not receive honorary degree

“Playwright Mike Daisey will not be the Cornish College of the Arts commencement speaker, the Seattle college announced Friday, reversing an earlier decision,” Melissa Davis reports for The Seattle Times.

“Daisey, a former Seattle resident, wrote the solo show ‘The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs,’ in which he describes meeting workers who were underage as well as workers who were poisoned by their jobs making Apple products in China,” Davis reports. “The piece came under scrutiny after Public Radio International’s ‘This American Life’ aired excerpts from it — and then found some of ‘Agony’ to be fabricated. The show aired a retraction last month, during which Daisey said that he didn’t meet any workers who were poisoned by their factory jobs, and that he guessed at the ages of some of the workers he met.”

Davis reports, “Before the retraction was broadcast, Cornish president Nancy Uscher said the college stood behind its decision to have Daisey speak at commencement and to receive an honorary degree. ‘We’re honoring Mike Daisey for the body of his work,’ Uscher said in March. But on Friday, Cornish said in a news release that “Mike Daisey will not participate in the 2012 Commencement ceremony at Cornish College of the Arts. Mr. Daisey has acknowledged that he personally did not witness all the events that he said he did, and he exaggerated the level of his own experiences to journalists.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Artistic license revoked.

When the porcine Mike Daisey gives up the ill-gotten gains that he made on the backs of lies about Apple and Steve Jobs and proves that his lies have not earned him a single penny, that is when any apology he oinks out will have meaning.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “krquet” for the heads up.]

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    1. The thing that sets Daisey apart is that he fabricated stories to embellish the story he wanted to tell, not that he is obese. I apologize for describe him as a “little” goober. He is, in fact, just a plain ol’ goober.

  1. Daisey needs to use some of his down time on a fat farm before he points that swollen finger at anyone else. Seriously, if he’s not morbidly obese he’s not far from it.

  2. No need to pile insults on him based on his weight or physical appearance. Some small measure of justice has been served here – that should be enough.

    1. He is immensely overweight and that fact is his fault.

      His grotesque obesity is a testament to his weak moral fiber. He is a liar and a glutton. A disgusting fat, lazy pig.

      The more we excuse gluttony, the more we call being fat “a condition,” the more we will all pay – for the health care of spineless pigs devoid of willpower.

      Fat people were shamed not so long ago and – guess what? – not so long ago we had far fewer fat fscks roaming the earth looking for shit to constantly pack into their pie holes.

    2. In nearly 30 years of practice, I’ve found that morbidly obese people like Mike Daisey are lazy, selfish, and lack willpower.

      Many, like Mike Daisey, are inveterate liars, to themselves and others, too.

      1. If you really were a doctor you would know that there is a significant population of people with demonstrable endocrine and neurological disorders, like physical brain damage, who CANNOT control their weight. But since you are a good capitalist and a rugged “‘Murcan” individualist who doesn’t want to pay taxes to support or treat “freeloaders” I’d be happy to refund the 12 cents in taxes you’ve contributed toward the programs that support these folks if you’ll just promise to quit whining.

        1. Using .01% of the overweight population as an excuse for 99.99% of the overweight population is the fat, lazy man’s way out.

          Reasons for the FAT explosion: total lack of portion control, poor eating choices, lack of willpower, poor upbringing, lack of basic nutrition education, and general laziness.

          Most fat people need to eat 1/2 – 1/3 of the amount they currently eat, eat much healthier foods, and exercise regularly (4-5 times per week, breaking a sweat, for at least 30 minutes per day).

          Most fat people are fat because they are lazy (do not exercise) and eat 2-3 times more than they need to maintain what would be their normal body weight.

          1. Excellent points. I’d lay much of the blame right at the feet of the fast-food chains. Look at Taco Bell’s current slogan: “The Fourth Meal.” Who needs four meals a day? With all the sodium and other additives they mix in with fatty animal matter (I hesitate to call any of that stuff “beef”), it’s a recipe for disaster. Then along comes McDonald’s with their McRibs, which are nothing but leftovers from food processing plants with lots of fat contents. KFC stands alone as the fat chicken of the crowd with so much grease dripping from the pieces of chicken that your arteries could harden just looking at it.

            Obesity is caused largely by the addictive nature of comfort food that is so readily available at fast food places, in groceries, and restaurants. In my area there are a dozen or more “Chinese” buffets (I say “Chinese” because the fare is no more Chinese than Ben and Jerry’s) where locals can stuff their faces with greasy foods dripping with high-fructose corn syrup for $9.99. I went with some friends to one a year ago and bought a small veggie dish a la carte but what I saw of the clientele, most were pretty hefty middle-aged blue-collar folks. It was totally disgusting.

            For the record, I’m not a slim Jim but since I’m in my “golden years” I know that it’s more important than ever to be a healthy eater.

            1. Aside from those who have medical conditions that make it impossible or extremely difficult to control their weight, there is the issue of what’s in our food supply. My wife has Celiac disease, which means she gets deathly sick when she eats gluten, basically any form of wheat. In removing wheat from our diets, we’ve had to quit eating such things as fast food of any type, all breaded or deep fried items, commercial beef broth, some brands of soy sauce, and almost every commercial snack food on the market. We make most meals from scratch, and when we eat pasta it’s corn or rice pasta. We’ve both lost 20 pounds without even trying to lose weight. It’s the American food industry that is the culprit. They put wheat in nearly everything you buy because it is a cheap filler, flavor enhancer, thickener, and coloring agent. Almost every processed food you can buy is composed mostly of wheat, sugar, fat, and salt. That’s your diet, and it’s even more inescapable if you’re poor. Decent, unadulterated, real food is more expensive than cheap, fake, crap.

        2. Really??

          Look at any 1950’s yearbook and try to find the fat people.
          Very few.

          Yes, there are people with medical conditions that make it tough to lose weight, but that don’t explain the explosion in fat people the last 15 years.

          Try some self control.

    3. No! It is not anywhere near enough. Let me explain why…..

      When Daisey and his “do good” friends got “suiciders” more compensation from foxconn, there was BIG spike in suicide rate at the factory. It verified what people, who have been in similar circumstances as these poor workers, were pointing out but no one listened. What were these people saying? They were saying that some of these suiciders are so desperate to send money back home to their family that some will even commit suicide. Now, all of a sudden the suicide “jackpot” had just increased, thanks to Daisey and his ilk. Many suiciders took advantage of this and caused a sudden spike in the deaths at Foxconn. This delta, the increase in suicide numbers, is something like an extra 5 to 10 suicides. Let’s be generous and say 5. These 5 deaths are directly caused by Daisey.

      And you have the nerve to call insults to Daisey as “ENOUGH”!? Daisey has blood on his hands and he did it to gain fame and fortune for himself.

  3. So Cornish squashed his pea-brained story.
    Lettuce rejoice that he is now in a pickle.
    Next headline ‘Daisey Dukes it out at Community Theatre’

  4. what I question is Cornish’s original decision to give Daisey the degree and have him as commencement speaker.

    It must be ‘Apple hate’ or desire for publicity (like so many activist groups, press etc) that fried all their cognitive capabilities. The most CURSORY investigation (as there are plenty of articles from people who have worked in Asia who have cast doubts on Daisey’s claims — there were even readers here at MDN who logically pointed out flaws in Daisey’s fantasies ) should have warned them — but nooooooo….

    Now Cornish’s faculty look like fools.

    really… anybody trust a Cornish GRADUATE to do RESEARCH for an employee when they were taught by FOOLS taken in by Daisey’s claims like ” he met plenty of children 13 or younger forced to work under ARMED GUARDS with hazardous materials 12-14 hrs a day back to back until they dropped ” (FLA: 80% of workers happy with hours or want MORE overtime, average age of Foxconn worker is 23. FLA only cofirmed what many Asian veterans have already said about Foxconn. Professors believe 10 year olds build iPads? So if that MarketPlace reporter didn’t expose Daisey’s American Life b.s he would have got a degree ??? )

    FRIED CORNISH HEN (or shall I say Chicken) ANYONE?

  5. “Mike Daisey will not participate in the 2012 Commencement ceremony at Cornish College of the Arts.”

    I just can’t understand how he found a leftist, capitalist hating, liberal arts college.

  6. I hate to agree- but seeing this guy on Bill Maher, my impression was that his appearance was an accurate reflection of his personality and moral core- he looked like what he is, a greasy fat pig.

  7. I’m so glad this dork was called out and the truth came out. All those iHaters that sided with this LIAR are looking really stoooooooopid now! hahaha

  8. Ah, The Agony and Ecstasy of Mike Daisey.

    His story could be the seed of a terrific one-man show. The portrayal of the protagonist’s perfidy, prevarication, and utterly cynical exploitation for personal gain could be the stuff a great story…

  9. Mike Daisy is a disgrace to fat people. He should do penance by enrolling himself in a fat farm and go cold turkey and rid himself of the lies virus.

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