Why other Apple products convinced me to return my new iPad

“I bought a new third generation iPad because I really wanted to have the latest and undisputed greatest tablet on the market. I liked it, gave it a good review and couldn’t help but notice the dazzling Retina display, but I wound up taking the device back to Apple because I found myself hardly ever using it,” Larry Magid writes for Forbes.

“’m not an Apple hater. It was other Apple products that sold me on the idea of returning the iPad. I own an 11-inch MacBook Air and an iPhone 4s in addition to the first generation iPad (along with a Kindle Fire) and I simply didn’t need the new iPad,” Magid writes. “Even though I have a killer desktop PC with two large screens, more than a terabyte of storage and plenty of processing power, the MacBook Air, which I bought for travel, gets used several times a day, even when I’m at home. And the iPhone is used constantly. But that new iPad, along with the original iPad I still have, hardly ever got much use.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Doesn’t know what an iPad is for or where to use it. Larry’s an anachronism stuck in a Post-PC world. If he’s happy with his iPhone and MacBook Air, that’s fine and dandy. We also have iPhones and Airs (and many more Apple Macs and devices) and you can have our iPads when you pry them from our cold, dead fingers.


  1. The iPad has created a whole new category of use in my home; spontaneous exchange of detailed information.

    I’m reminded of the old expression, “Never underestimate the value of convenience.”

      1. I just can’t believe Forbes wasting space on Larry’s whale pucky. Uninformed and uneducated about products he opines about (never cast his pieces of fiction as “reviews”). Overblown opinion of himself, self-styled Apple-hater. Rigid-Magid they called him when he was a stringer writing for The Palo Alto Daily Rinse, then the San Jose Murky Sleaze. The Wayne Green wannabe but lacks the brains that Wayne had.

  2. Not everyone will find an iPad useful. That’s cool. Just like I don’t use my laptop anymore. That has been replaced by my iPad. That’s cool too!

    1. same here.

      After Super Bowl weekend, one of my co-workers asked me about the kindle fire. His birthday was coming up and his wife thought he’d like one cause he reads a lot. I was honest with him and showed him both the fire and my iPad 2.

      A week later he got an iPad 2.

      He’s told me that the iPad has got him in trouble with his wife, they watch tv/movie together and she has to stop him from using the iPad. He doesn’t even use his pc anymore.

      Yesterday, he told me that his wife wants an iPad now. She keeps stealing his when she can, so he asked her if she wanted her own. She didn’t pause at all, just said yes.

      Some people refuse to see the use for an iPad. This guy is one of them, just someone not smart enough to have an iPad. $5 says he writes an article soon… Why I bought a blackberry playbook, and love it!

      1. … “needs” an iPad. He has a MBA and an iPhone. AND a desktop PC. That’s three computers at three distinct sizes. Does he “need” it for his wife? My wife uses ours while I use our MacBook (while ignoring the ads on the TV) and that’s fine. He’s not saying the iPad is bad, just that he doesn’t NEED it.

  3. I’ve Sid it befor and I’ll say it again. Magid is a die hard balls to the wall PC/Windows Apple hater. Look at all his past articles on San Jose Mercury News. Easy to see his agenda there.

  4. MDN, are you sure this is the correct article title?

    I thought it was, “Why I’m such a Lamebrain that I bought something Apple ‘Just to Have the Latest and Greatest’ without Having Any Real Clue at All”…

  5. For me it’s the opposite of the author….I have not turned on my MacBook hardly at all since I got my iPad 1. Although my iMac and iPhone are still my favorite devices.

    1. I agree. I use my iPad all the time. When I go to bed I set up a radio app as my alarm. Then when I wake up I use remote to listen to any podcasts that have downloaded overnight. Once I am at my desk I use the various apps to check on information so use it as an extra screen for my iMacs. I will be getting a new iPad and one for my dad so he can do everything without needing a PC.

    2. I saw the “author” interviewed on CNBC. When pressed he stated that he likes it better as a reader. I too think its a better device as a reader. But that’s all it’s good for. It’s apples vs. oranges. Just something to draw attention to himself and stir up the mindless fanboys. I have had my new iPad 2 weeks last Friday ; it’s really nice. Don’t know that I should have upgraded from the iPad 2 but I did. Better display and a bit faster. I don’t care about 4G. The iPad 2 was a bigger step up from my iPad 1. I recently bought a new 27inch iMac. Hardly ever use it because the iPad, in any variation, is so convenient. Should have kept my Mac Mini, it served me well. But the big ass 27 inch screen is sweet. AAPL ; it’s on a roll. Invest. Buy some of those sweet April and May calls. You should do well.

    1. Larry Magid is cut from the same cloth as Rob Enderle – a wannabe blogger who’s managed to convince publications that he’s an honest and knowledgable tech journalist. He’s neither as can be evidenced from his past associations shilling for Microsoft. He is a graduate of the Dvorak “hit-whore” seminar. Pay no attention to Larry Magid.

  6. Do you guys at MDN just look for writers to rip? Seriously, he still kept his original iPad, which BTW is a great tablet even after two generational updates. Being positive makes everyone happier, really. Could you find positive stories that make everyone’s day a little better?

    1. News. It’s about news. Good,bad or indifferent its about news. If they can print something that stirs up the majority of the readers (fanboys), then they have accomplished their mission. Most normal people pretty much ignore most stories, but not the fanboys. MDN knows that if they can piss off the mindless fanboys then they have viewers which is all they care about.

  7. Typical. I had lunch today with some college professors, mathematics, philosophy, chemistry, astronomy and physics profs who all told me that they don’t use Macs because Macs can’t get on the Internet.

    1. You’ll have to post more specific information than this for me to believe your post. There’s too many fields represented for *all* of them to have made such a stoopid remark. Besides, Macs were Internet capable long before the ’90s meltdown.

      Without more definitive info, I call bullshit.

    2. It is extremely rare for a professional astronomer to use anything OTHER than a Mac. For years, the astronomical community has gone to Macs because they run real UNIX and can support specialized processing and analytical software such as IRAF. When you go to an astro conference, it is a sea of white backlit Apple logos. Tflint, you must be having lunch with total morons; find yourself better lunch companions before you lose IQ points.

  8. Not everyone needs every product that Apple manufactures. Some times people are intrigued by gadgets and buy them, only to discover that they don’t need them. That’s not just true with Apple products, either.

    Some people have a use for an iPad. Others do not. Some people have a use for a MacBook Whatsit. Others do not. Some people have a use for an iMac, others do not. So what if he found out he doesn’t need an iPad? All it means is that he didn’t think his purchase decision through.

    If I were to buy a Braille book, I’d discover that I can’t read it and don’t need it. That says nothing about Braille books. It says a lot about the thought I put into my purchase decision.

      1. Bingo!

        I honestly wish that there was a way to create negative page hits to cancel out the entire “page hit” mentality of bloggers and internet journalists. It seems that it really doesn’t matter what they write, whether truth or fiction, bias or neutral, it all adds up to how many visitors read a particular posting. It’s truly a sad state of affairs, and it’s creating a breed of people who think they can write anything with impunity with fear of negative consequences. They therefore bear no responsibility for their writings.

        It’s disgusting, really.

  9. Doesn’t seem like that bad a thing to me. It just shows how Apple is so diverse that it’s got something for everyone. I have a MacBook Pro and an iPhone 4S. Do I want an iPad? Yes, but when I think of what I would do with it, compared with a Cakewalk A300 USB/MIDI workstation, a Blue Yeti Pro, Native Instruments Komplete, an XBox 360 (Yes, an XBox!), or an Apple TV, I can’t think of what I would actually use the iPad for that makes me want it more than the other things.

    Don’t worry, I’ll get one someday. 😉

  10. This is an interesting thread. I own an iPad2. I like it. But, I don’t have the same enthusiasm as many users. IT’s great for the portability. But, I find the keyboard and filing system limiting. I mainly use an iMac which I love. But, I have been thinking seriously about moving away from the iPad to the next generation Air when it comes out. I love the size and weight of the iPad. But, I think the keyboard and the more conventional filing system would be a better. Plus the air is really lightweight too. Any users of both have any feedback?

    1. I have a 27″ iMac, an 11″ MacBook Air, an iPad 2 and an iPhone 4s. Here’s what I’ve come to think about the 11″ MacBook Air when a part of that total mix: The keyboard and Finder make me want to do real computing on it, but for that the screen is too small. As a casual usage example the Xfinity app on the iPad is basically just the same as the web view, but it “works” on the iPad, whereas on the 11″ MacBook Air screen there is too much overhead of a “real” computer to work as well. Hope that gives you a different angle on the situation.

    1. @ Ken: Thanks for that. It describes perfectly that which Larry cannot comprehend. He’s so full of himself that he considers such drivel as unbiased review matter.

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