Beleaguered Nokia desperately uses non-existent ‘iPhone death grip’ in new ad for anemic-selling Windows Phone

“Nokia has tried an unusual pseudo-guerilla marketing campaign in the run-up to the Smartphone Beta Test shows mock, backdated videos of protagonist Gary unsuccessfully trying to convince two co-workers that design flaws are important,” Electronista reports.

“‘Fragile,’ is ostensibly dated to 2007 but is more about the iPhone 4 and 4S being prone to breaks. An ‘Outside’ spot makes fun of some Android phones’ OLED screens and their propensity to become unreadable outside, with Gary’s companions suggesting that the screen was fine as long as he only ever used the phone inside,” Electronista reports. And “‘Death Grip,’ tries to revive the now non-existent iPhone 4 issue by chastising Gary for ‘holding it wrong.'”

More info and the other ads in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This is what desperation looks like.

What’s left of Nokia should be ashamed for dredging up an “issue” that no longer exists and didn’t much ever exist in a meaningful manner in order to peddle phones with an OS they had to find out-of-house (or in an out-house) because they failed spectacularly come up with their own.

Microsoft pollutes whatever it touches. Nokia’s gone from a stupified deer in Apple’s headlights to a nasty, lying, Microsoft subsidiary. Onnittelut!

Bottom line: Like it’s Microsoft overlord, Nokia thinks that their potential customers are stupid. Great idea to build a user base of ignoranti, Nokia. We’re sure this resultant group of geniuses will buy lots of apps and accessories and drive a vibrant ecosystem, if they can ever figure out how to turn on their phones.

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    1. A sturdy iPhone case would have solved both problems in those videos. I would never have guessed that those commercials were for Windows Phone products. They should be focusing on the positive features of their own smartphones instead of the so-called negative features of the iPhone.

  1. For the ignorant iHaters and their circle of pawns, this is 100% legit. I mean they have that excellent Consumer Reports to use as factual proof…..of their idiocity! LOL

  2. “Death Grip” defines what MS & Nokia are holding onto.

    Ballmer lives in an ivory tower, where no iOS device has ever penetrated, as in the Gates’ household. Strange.

    1. It is useful to poke at the opposition, as the long running Apple commercials did with Windows.

      However, the problems with the oppositions product should
      A) be problems with major consequences
      B) your product should offer a significant improvement

      While I know that some people do experience the problem, it is not a significant amount and all smartphones have a similar problem.

  3. Yeah, I saw the smartphonebetatest commercial with Chris Parnell and thought, “I am about to make a serious attempt to compete with Apple, are and SNL cast members available for my ad campaign?”

  4. I think they’re funny. And they do their job. Advertising is about changing perception. Not “fact”. These could hurt the perception, though the value proposition of iDevices is so insanely high I doubt it will translate into much or that anything much could.

    1. From an advertising stand point, I agree, they are effective. Advertising does not deal with reality, only with perception, and these commercials are effective in this regard. I also think that the weakest thing the iPhone 4 and 4s have is that they are very frail. I have a lot a friends that have had to replace the glass, and sometimes more than once. It is a bit of form over function.

    2. Advertising is about convincing people to buy your product. Anything short of that is complete failure.

      This will have only have done its job if it makes Windows Phone actually sell.

  5. Trying to gain sales by denigrating your competition is what you do when nothing else is working out for you. I mean seriously – they flat out associated Apple with fraudulent investments. That’s quite a slimy move.

  6. I walked past the M$ Store at Mall of America yesterday and saw a huge line of maybe 15 people waiting to try the Windows Phone Challenge, or whatever they call it.

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