Apple, five others sued over alleged patent infringement by Graphic Properties Holdings

“Graphic Properties Holdings Inc. has continued its crusade to sue large tech companies based on patents the company holds,” Paul Shea reports for ValueWalk.

“The defendants involved in the latest suit include Apple Inc., Sony Corporation, HTC Corp, LG Electronic Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co.,” Shea reports. “The company’s face several counts of infringement on patents that the company holds. The latest in a line of suits by the company was filed in a District Court in Wilmington Delaware.”

Shea reports, “The infringement case originally began in a filing with the Federal Trade Commission made last November. That complaint was refiled earlier this month and named Research In Motion Limited along with those named in the Delaware suit. The filing centered on technologies used in consumer electronics such as smart phones and tablet devices. In the week before GPH filed that suit Apple filed two against them in Northern California courts.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Carl H.” for the heads up.]


  1. Reading the source article reveals the vagueness of the disputed patents to be utterly hilarious:

    1) “Large Area Wide Aspect Ratio Flat Panel Display Having High Resolution Information Content Display”. It is centered on the use of Liquid Crystal Display. The general nature of the patent means that almost all of the consumer electronic devices available on the market seem to infringe on the intellectual property.

    2) The second patent centers on a technical issue, the use of GPU floating point calculations to create images with pixels on a devices screen

    3) The third deals with a technology that increases the speed at which the processor works.

    These are all old, very public technologies. And these patent troll parasites decide NOW to pull this submarine patent con-job? And get this:

    GPH’s representative ask that if the devices are found to infringe on the patent that their sale and importation in the United States be blocked.

    RIGHT. I can already hear laughter in the courtroom. 😆

    1. The only problem is that every member of the jury will be a technical zombie. They’ll know nothing about technology.

      Anyone with technical knowledge will be weeded out during jury selection because lawyers don’t want smart juries, they want idiots who will buy their contorted version of reality during the trial.

      Sad truth to our justice system.

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