Hong Kong watchdog group inexplicably calls out Apple for omitting other companies’ factory workers from cash pile

“A watchdog group issued a renewed call for Apple to address what this group considers poor working conditions for factory workers in China, criticizing the company for not assigning any of its US$98 billion cash pile to address the issues,” Agam Shah reports for IDG News.

“The Hong Kong-based Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM) said the factories in China continue to underpay and violate labor rights,” Shah reports. “In a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, SACOM said that Apple’s failure to assign cash reserves to address the issues “demonstrates the enormous greed and desire for profit of Apple and its executive[s]. ‘Apple announced that it would finally share some of its $100 billion in cash reserves with shareholders. It is regrettable that Apple did not show any intention to share the revenue with its production workers whose labor helped the company become one of the most profitable corporations in the world,’ SACOM wrote in the letter.”

Shah reports, “It’s difficult to connect the $98 billion cash reserve to resolve the manufacturing issues in China, said James Post, professor in management markets, public policy and law at Boston University. Apple has a contract to buy finished products from contractors like Foxconn, and the suppliers are responsible for addressing concerns related to pay, working conditions and other issues, Post said. Apple is well aware of the issues, and as a big purchaser of products it can exert control on suppliers to comply the rules or lose manufacturing and assembly deals, which it is already doing, Post said… An argument can be made that Apple can use its cash reserve and giant profits to pay contractors like Foxconn extra to address the issues, Post said. But from a business perspective, it is naive to believe that Apple would voluntarily pay a higher price to contractors if it is possible to get products elsewhere at lower prices, Post said.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: They need a more fitting name: Scatterbrained Twits United in Preposterousness and Idiotic Denseness.

If we had received that asinine letter, the speed with which it met a lit match would make neutrinos look slow.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “dab2” for the heads up.]

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  1. Crying wolf again?

    SACOM, use your will power and brainy power to find ways to treat something like world hunger.

    At the very least, those factory workers have very good paying jobs and they will line up by the hundreds to land a job there. Let Apple handle its own business.

  2. We can assume that SACOM members are taking a percentage of there “profits” to give to the poor that worked and provides taxes that provided the school system from which they obtained their advantage. How much are they giving individually or collectively back to the poor workers?

  3. Tim Cook is evil and greed for because as a president of china he must stop all law violations to his citizens…
    Wait a second; Tim is president of APPLE, NOT CHINA!!!
    Why the hell are those losers protesting against the president of apple for violation INSIDE CHINA? Don’t they know anything about geographic?

    Also, they don’t read or hear the news? Foxcom is a SUPPLIER, is not an Apple division.

    1. It truly does show how little the Chinese can influence their own government, when they contact Apple to fix labor issues rather than their own government.

    1. Apple doesn’t have any chip fabs.
      Samsung, which is used in Apple products-has 2 in the US.
      Apple just expanded or built another Campus in Austin, Texas as well as built data centers in the US.
      So what are you whining about?

    2. yeah, right!! in no time the unions/government would choke apple with regulations and bleed them dry with strikes and exorbitant salary demands – not to mention benefit entitlements.

  4. Hey dopey, I don’t do my homework, anti-Apple watchdog groups: TALK TO FOXCONN! It’s Foxconn’s money that applies to this issue. Apple only CONTRACT with Foxconn. Apple DON’T RUN Foxconn. Apple DON’T OWN Foxconn. Apple are certainly NOT the only companies that CONTRACT with Foxconn!

    Hello in there!
    Wake up!
    Reality is knocking on your skull!
    You might want to answer before you put your foot in your mouth AGAIN! 😯

  5. I’m not clear on something here…. Are the no-lifes saying Apple is responsible for ALL of China’s workers? If so, then SACOM OS really a bunch of idiots!

  6. Ayn Rand would have written a novel just like this. I would have read it and said, “Oh come on Ayn, no one says these things. You’re painting a picture too extreme.” And I would have been wrong. This boggles the mind.

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