iPhoto for iPad, iPhone hits 1 million users in less than 10 days

Apple introduced iPhoto for iPad and iPhone on March 7, 2012.

iPhoto for iPhone and iPad includes breakthrough Multi-Touch features so users can make simple gestures to sort through hundreds of photos and find their best shots, enhance and retouch images using fingertip brushes and share amazing photo journals with iCloud.

iPhoto is a universal app that runs on iPad 2 or later and iPhone 4 or later and costs US$4.99.

“Apple told me today that its newest iOS app, iPhoto, hit 1 million users in less than 10 days after its release,” Jim Dalrymple reports for The Loop.

“It’s important to note that figure is users, not downloads,” Dalrymple reports.

Read more in the full article here.

More info and download link for iPhoto for iPad and iPhone here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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    1. No, I think it means that each user (account) may have downloaded it more than once, because the user may have more than one iOS device. But the number of “users” (at one sale per user) hit one million.

  1. I played with iPhoto at the apple store when I picked up my new iPad.
    Pretty nice IMO. Granted I’m no photographer..

    The ui worked fine, after a minute you could easily figure out all the controls etc.
    The way they did the rotate dial is slick, keeps your hand off the picture so you can see the entire picture.

    Will I purchase? Not sure. I can see it comming in handy, but I probably won’t use it much.

  2. IPhone version is buggy. I get screen corruptions and it refuses to revert to original on one of my test photos. Need’s a couple of upgrades. In principal though it’s pretty neat and for a quick touch up to send to someone it’ll be great!

  3. I’ve used iPhoto on the new iPad 3 that we just got, and frankly I think it’s a blast. I forgot that it also downloaded to the iPhone, and I did play with it on there, but it is a bit silly. However the UI on the iPad is really nice.

  4. Would be more if it supported original iPad ! Apple is pissing off alot of original iPad owners, myself included. They sold me a freaking camera kit FCOL there’s no excuse !
    Anyhow I’ve heard its not that great and does not address the huge flaws in the crappy built-in photo app with respect to managing / organizing / deleting photos.

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