Expect new iPad to accelerate bring-your-own-device trend in the workplace

“Apple’s new iPad arrived Friday and will almost certainly start showing up in the workplace this week,” Ryan Faas reports for Computerworld.

“With the iPad now the de facto tablet for business and the iPhone increasingly being seen as the business choice in a post-BlackBerry world, these new offerings from Apple will affect companies of all shapes and sizes,” Faas reports. “The improved graphics and video capabilities may make the iPad more suited to on-the-go media work. That very point — that the iPad is indeed useful for content creation — was highlighted at last week’s iPad unveiling.”

Faas reports, “The improved graphics capabilities may also bolster the use of iPads in healthcare. Although the new model’s display can’t yet compete with top-end radiology and medical imaging workstations, the higher resolution — 2048 by 1536 pixels — may make it even more attractive to the industry… Similar advantages will play out in architecture and design.”

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  1. I work in medical imaging and own the new iPad and owned a 1 & 2 before. For rounding physicians, on the fly consults and demonstration of test results to patients and family members it is more than enough.

    Nobody is going to read a mammogram on an iPad, but a practitioner might use it while discussing the images with a patient.

    As to CT/MRI/Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine the display is already high enough in resolution. The glossy screen should be eliminated for image review- Radiology workstations are many times set in rooms with dark walls and the screens are NEVER anything but matte.

  2. If I were the CEO, I’d direct IT to set BYOD up securely as soon as possible just for the savings it would bring the company. And a number of IT depts will need direct orders to stop their obstructionism.

  3. Yes, BYOD.. Next week, the boss sends you your share of the electric bill.The week after that”Bring your own office furniture” followed by “Casual Janitorial Fridays” where you get to clean the offices on your own dime. Awesome!!

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