Republican candidate Mitt Romney confirmed Apple iPad user (with video)

Governor Mitt Romney, a candidate for the 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination, used his Apple iPad to view the news via Drudge Report that he’d won Puerto Rico’s Republican primary on Sunday, winning over 80% of the votes cast with over 80% counted.

In the video below, the governor, with his wife Ann, shows off his Apple iPad:

Direct link to video via YouTube here.

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, the next President of the United States of America!

    (God, I hope he’s not as much of a RINO as I think he is. Regardless, Obamacare has to go, so let’s go Mitt with a GOP Senate!)

            1. Funny.

              Except that’s how liberals react to any criticism. They completely lose it.

              Conservatives don’t want to do what that guy is saying to commies. We will be voting them out of power forever this November. There are no free rides in life you tiny-brained-trolls.

            2. @krquet,

              Again another foreign troll that is too scared to name the slime pit country it takes up space in. If you’re going to comment on the US or it’s politics at least have the balls to say where you slither in.

      1. If your definition of cult is “a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure” then I understand, since we worship Jesus Christ. Mormons are as Christian as you can get (the official name is, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). Most people don’t bother asking us what we believe, they just assume that what they hear second-hand is true. Do some research. Talk to some Mormons (LDS), go to the website ( or There’s no koolaide involved. Do your own first-hand research. 

        1. Sorry Guapisimo, but it is the “real christians” in this country that say that Mormonism is a cult, not me. I didn’t make that determination, the fundies did.

          As far as my research, it’s based on direct experience.

            1. That may be true but to the born again christians, fundies, evangelicals, Mormonism is a cult. There is no debate about that. I went to their chuches for 18 years with the ex-wife and heard their intolerance first hand.

              Halloween is evil, the Pope is the Whore of Babylon and Mormonism is a cult.

              My first real experience with Mormons was a grower I worked with in Eureka. I considered him a friend and played basketball with him. I am familiar with Mormonism.

              My point is fundies consider Mormonism a cult.

            2. @CitizenX
              I’ve been a member all my life, but never took it seriously until I was 18. I’m now 49 and never ever have Mormons believed that Halloween is evil. In fact we usually have Halloween parties at our buildings. I think you’re getting your info from angry people.
              Answer this: is it Christian for other churches to regularly teach hateful/deceitful things about Mormons? Yet many do. We don’t spend our Sunday’s learning how to prove other churches wrong. It’s just not Christian. You know, I guess Jesus wasn’t too well received when he was here either. He was killed for what/how he taught. If he were here today do you think he’d be well received? I’m not so sure.

          1. ChrissyOne,

            Why, oh why do you even bother…? I’m sure you know by now that when a political name (either sitting, or a candidate) gets mentioned in MDN headline, it is a trollbait the size of a space shuttle, and it never fails.

            It is so thoroughly amusing to watch this man, Mit Romney, pick apart what is essentially his own work. The notorious “Obamacare” law is practically identical to the health care law he forced through in Massachusetts. He of course never changed his mind about his own law, but obviously, since the federal one was done not by him, but by a Democrat, he will of course do everything in his power to get rid of it.

            American political scene is just so incredibly transparent, and most amazing thing is that there are so many rabid Americans who just can’t see this.

            As an outsider (a foreigner) with absolutely zero stake in this, I will offer my own prediction for the results in November: much like last time around, when the rabid ultra-conservative base was doing backflips about their vice-presidential candidate, they’ll essentially hand the victory over to the guy who appeals to a broader segment of American public.

            Looks like the Obamas will be sending their first-born to college straight from the White House… But that is, of course, just my own opinion; last time around I was wrong (I thought that never in a million years will white American Men vote for someone who is NOT a white American man; go figure!)

            1. Predraqueen,

              Your stake in the election is the advance of communism. You’re not fooling any of us. Now go crawl back under your rock in whatever hell hole country you take up space in……..

      1. I lived in Massachusetts during the Romney governorship. I despised Romneycare. There is a fundamental difference between the Massachusetts system and Obamacare: the Mass. one does not violate of the U.S. Constitution.

        Amendment X: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

        1. And this is the big difference.
          States have the right to try stuff like this, the federal government can’t.
          If the supremes uphold obamacare, then there is no reason the government can’t force the people to buy only GM (owned by the US still) or ford or Chrysler. Or any other product for that matter.

    1. Yeah, let’s hope he repeals the Republican-conceived health care reform that Romney implemented in Massachusetts. The system we had before was working perfectly!

      Why do Republicans hate their own ideas so much?

      1. Nice try fool. It will get repealed, along with every other Freedom robbing initiative you lemmings forced through against the wishes of the vast majority of Americans!!!!!!!!


        1. Nice one!

          I love these parodies of right wingers! My only critique is that you don’t have to make the post so over-the-top stupid to successfully satirize the mindless blather of a typical frothing-at-the-mouth conservative.

    1. Oh, I see. It’s okay to call people who disagree with Obama’s statism “racists,” while expressing religious prejudice and espousing hate speech.

      Got it.

      1. I don’t know what planet you reside on, but Obama would fit in fine with the pre-neocon Republican Party. He is so far from the Right-Wing meme that Obama is a socialist or whatever.

        I stand by my conviction that the right wing rants against our President are thinly veiled protests against a Black Man in the White House.

  2. Of course he also owns an Android and Blackberry Tablet as well. Anything to pander to the masses and be all things to all people while running for office…

    Willard “Mitt” RawMoney- the Rethugnican candidate that will be run over come November.

    (Stop calling Democratic candidates Democrat candidates and we will stop calling Republicans what they truly are- Rethugnicans.)

    1. proggressivecommietard,

      November 2012 will be a landslide loss for Maobama and you LEMMING-TROLLS!!!!!!

      iPads will be flying off the shelves even faster than under the Marxist-Saul Alinski-ite in Chief!!!!!!!

      1. 1-I hate to tell you, but we do not live in a binary world. Not everyone who is not a Republican is a Democrat.

        2-Like it or not, outside of Mississippi and Alabama, the election will be decided by independent voters- not partisans.

        3-The teabaggers succeeded in 2010 because disaffected Democrats and many independent voters stayed home in protest of how chummy Obama was with the Rethugnicans. That will not be happening this fall.

        4- If everyone eligible to vote shows up and they are tallied fairly the Rethugnicans cannot win. The numbers do not add up. That is why Rethugnicans are the author of many different forms of voter suppression.

  3. Doesn’t make him smarter.
    Maybe he isn’t one of these crazy republican religious extremists, yet, he still has a completely US-god-on-our-side and blind consumerist speech.

    Morons are those believing that evolution is evil!

      1. Blinded by faith doesn’t make you go right!
        None can hate myths that only exists within conditioned brains.
        We’ll all have to face the truth when we die.
        I already had my NDE, therefor i KNOW you’ll be surprised!
        Just think of one thing:
        Billions of planets exist. On how many are people “believing in some sort of divinity”, in a completely different way you do… and yet believe it’s the ONLY TRUTH in the universe?

  4. Eeeeuw. Now I have to disinfect my iPad.

    Thanks to all you informed and misinformed people for fighting for my right to get sick and die. Obamacare is my only hope for health insurance.

  5. Eeeeuw. Now I have to disinfect my iPad.

    Thanks to all you uninformed and misinformed people for fighting for my right to get sick and die. Obamacare is my only hope for health insurance.

    1. I’ll tell you what’s disgusting, the phony, trumped up by Democrats, Occupy Idiocy. The article, “Is It Liberalism Or Marxism That’s Destroying America?” explains it very simply for you slug brained lemmings.

  6. As a former Mormon, I find it very funny that very few folks know that Mormonism originally was a communist like organization. Its creed was to share. Everything would be owned by the church. Members would contribute that which they were talented with and would receive that which they needed. Of course it is no longer like that, it did not work. Too many did not contribute. One town in Utah exited for a long time with that belief, where it worked. But it only worked because they kicked out the non contributors. Today the Mormons are almost all very conservative, socially and economically. The good ones give 10% of their income to the church, Romney gives even more. The downside is the church has some pretty strange beliefs. Like magic underware, blookd atonement which means anyone leaving the church must be killed. The men who reach the highest levels are to rule their own planet in the next life. They really still believe in polygamy. Lots of strange stuff that most voters have no clue about.

    1. As a current Mormon I believe that you are talking about the Law of Consecration, a principle based on a united purpose and belief. It is based on free will, charity, and sacrifice, not compulsion and taxation. Today, we are still taught to sacrifice for God and humankind, but the organization of the Law of Consecration has been implemented though tithing, giving 10% of your increase (This is an honor system. Members choose to pay on their gross or net or whatever.), and through Fast Offerings, where the members give additional funds (beginning with the money they save from not eating for 1 day/month) for the poor and needy.

      One thing I like about my Church is that a very small percentage of the charitable collections are used for administrative overhead because the bulk of the humanitarian and welfare program is administered by volunteers. In addition, the Church teaches self-reliance. If members are out of work, they are encouraged to get more education to compete in the marketplace. If members need food, they are allowed to visit local Church pantries which are supplied by Church farms and factories (also operated by a volunteer effort).

      It is a good system and compassionate. Check out this article in the WSJ:

      1. LiberoTARDS, supposedly the religion of tolerance. What a joke. Leave the Mormons alone you freaks. You want the laws change so you can marry your pet goats yet you have a problem with the Morman religion??? You people are sick!

  7. No wonder our culture is so politically polarized. Is this thread supposed to be convincing argument? It is full of strawmen, red herrings, and ad hominem attacks.

    I see in this thread religious bigots and racial bigots, neither of which have a constructive place in our political dialogue. Neither party has a monopoly on the truth.

    I support Mitt Romney because he is a brilliant man, a proven leader, and has proven integrity (ask anyone who has worked with him).

    When he worked at Bain, the daughter of one of his executives went missiong. Mitt shut down normal business, established a command center, and spearheaded the search for this man’s missing daughter. They ended up finding her safe.

    When Mitt took over the Olympics he turned a corruption-laden games into the most successful games in history.

    Mitt does not align with me on 100% of the issues, but I believe he will do what he says: reduce federal spending, increase domestic energy production, streamline regulation, and strengthen the military. (Personally I think the military spend should be reduced too.)

    The principles upon which I support Mitt are these: The federal government should only provide services that are constitutionally mandated. States should be responsible for the safety nets, education, labor laws, most resource management, and healthcare regulations.

    The federal government should provide for national defense, protect liberties and rights, and facilitate interstate commerce.

  8. I understand theres an app that Romney can use to keep track of his Magic Underpants.

    Mormonism was invented by known trickster, Joseph Smith in the 19th Century. This is proven by the many anachronisms that a 19th century farm boy would not have known (i.e. compass used in 600BC! Herds of sheep, goats and cattle in Central America, Greek translations in the King James Bible, etc. etc.))

    Romney apparently believes this hogwash and that he will become a god on another planet AND wears magic mormon underpants. And he might be the next president? Absolutely frightening!!!!! Run screaming!!!!

      1. anaknipedro: What do you mean? That Joseph Smith’s made up religion isn’t a new idea of the fact that mormonism is ridiculous is not a new idea?

        1. The most ridiculous thing that I believe in is that Jesus Christ is the son of God, he was born of a virgin, he raised men from the dead and healed the sick, and after he was crucified, he was resurrected on the third day to a perfect, immortal body. His sacrifice also had eternal consequences in that he created a way for people to be forgiven of their sins in order to live with God. I know it’s “out there” but I believe it to be true, as have many previous presidents and all the current candidates for president in 2012.

      2. Verse 4 in that link has nothing to do with Joseph Smith inventing his nonsense. Romney believes in magic underpants, that he will become a god and that the world was made 6000 years ago. Its no harm if he believes this magical drivel as a private citizen, but as a world leader – its totally inappropriate and downright scary.

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