Apple makes Shaq and celebrities everywhere grovel like commoners

“Stars can often score hot products before the rest of us. But in the lead-up to a product launch at Apple, nobody’s tastemaker status matters,” Jason Feifer reports for Fast Company.

“Free stuff flows readily for celebrities,” Feifer reports. “As New York recently reported, companies leap at any personal news–sending baby stuff to new moms, cars to a birthday party, and $100,000 in goodies to red-carpet walkers. Companies want to glom onto a celeb’s buzz, so they can chalk the giveaways up to smart marketing.”

Feifer reports, “But at Apple, whose product launches spark entire news cycles, no celebrity symbiosis is necessary. Which means the company is skilled at saying ‘no’ to people who only hear ‘yes.’ Apple would never say who’s calling them right now, but we found a few people willing to admit to past inquiries.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: There’s no need to cater to influencers when you are the world’s #1 tastemaker.

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  1. At iPhone product launches in the past, we’ve seen celebs get the red carpet treatment at the NYC 5th Ave store, as well as the one with the glass roof on the Upper West side.

    1. Okay, I scanned the article, Apple doesn’t give out stuff early to celebs unless they are reviewers for the top newspapers, mags or blogs, but they do give out free stuff at launch to celebs as I mentioned above.

        1. Not really; he just clarified his first statement (yes, celebrities do sometimes get special treatment, but NO, they don’t get any Apple stuff before it is made available to everyone else).

  2. There was an old story when I worked at Apple about Melanie Griffith (remember her?). When the iPod mini first came out, she instead at the New York store (I can’t remember which one) that she was at, that she should get one for free being who she was.

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