Wired hands-on with new Apple TV: Snappy, intuitive, and 1080p

“Thanks to its brand-new A5 processor and new software design, the updated Apple TV experience is snappy and intuitive, largely improving on the 2010 version,” Christina Bonnington reports for Wired. “The new device is capable of delivering 1080p content, and the fresh UI takes full advantage of the fact that you’re probably watching content on a widescreen TV set with large icons and luscious HD images.”

The new Apple TV still has the same black hockey puck shape that its predecessor did. No complaints from us, as it’s a discrete little living-room peripheral,” Bonnington reports. “The real change is in the software. Apple gave its Apple TV interface quite the face lift. Set atop a black background, your home screen features large images from recently rented or top content across the upper portion of the display (for Movies, for instance, they’re movie posters), and beneath that, a row of five iOS-like icons: Movies, TV Shows, Music, Computers and Settings. Below those options are icons for services like Netflix, Flickr, MLB.com and Apple’s own Photo Stream.”

The new 1080p Apple TV

Bonnington reports, “Current Apple TV owners can snag an update to their set top box today, but you still won’t be able to stream 1080p — only new Apple TVs get that perk. The 2012 Apple TV is $99, can be pre-ordered today, and will be available for purchase next week.”

Read more in the full article here.

More info about Apple’s new Apple TV here.

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  1. “The new Apple TV still has the same black hockey puck shape that its predecessor did.”

    If by “shape” you meant “general color”, then yes….

    1. You may be referring to the original Apple TV that was more or less like an Airport. The Apple TV being released is physically like the Apple TV 2 that was released a couple or so years ago.

    2. And approximate size/thickness. But for shape, hockey pucks are generally roundish, right? Banged up, for sure, so not perfectly round, but much more nearly so than this critter.

      Been throwing around the idea of firing my cable company at home for the last year. Not sure I’m ready yet, still, but this gets me closer.

  2. I’ve been deliberating over this, given all the rumours about Apple entering the TV industry. Since our HDTV is old and relatively small by today’s standards (28″), I think I’ll wait until Apple shows its hand there -which I’m hoping is late this year/early next year. Still, it’s worth a purchase for anyone who’s already got a sizeable HDTV.

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