Tim Bajarin: Why Apple’s new iPad is revolutionary

“Not long after the new iPad was announced, story after story was written that this new iPad was evolutionary, not revolutionary. But I am not convinced that is a correct viewpoint. In fact, I believe that this new iPad will actually have a revolutionary impact on the market in some very interesting ways,” Tim Bajarin writes for Tech.pinions.

“In the column I wrote not long after the new iPad was launched, I pointed out that from the inception of the iPad, Jobs wanted it to have the highest resolution screen possible but that at the time of the release of the first two generations of the iPad, the technology was not there to deliver the real iPad he wanted to give his customers,” Bajarin writes. “But it was always on the roadmap and they had to do some serious engineering between their team and their partners to get us this new iPad to this incredibly high resolution. And with it, I believe Apple is ready to have another revolutionary impact on the market via one of their products.”

Bajarin writes, “I believe we will look back relatively soon and realize that with this iPad, Apple started another revolution that has it roots in their desktop publishing heritage and instead of desktop publishing this time around, the revolution will take place in mobile publishing… Its influence will touch every market. It will drive what I believe will be the minimum standard in tablets as tablets become the vehicles for every form of mobile publishing content, whether it be images, video, games, newspapers, magazines or books as well as the future of the web.”

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MacDailyNews Take: When Tim Bajarin talks, listen.


  1. I’ve been following Bajarin since the days of Computer Chronicles, with Stuart Chiefet (RIP). Bajarin always had a good viewpoint and could articulate it well. He knows his business.

        1. I was a guest on Stuart’s show 25 years ago with George Morrow (really dating myself here) of Morrow Design. He was ahead of his time. I should post the video on Youtube.

  2. The new battery is an amazing feat for Apple engineers.
    The new Screen is a huge and amazing leap for Apple thank to Sharp not giving up.
    The new A5X with quad core graphic is a stunning increase for Apple.
    The new Camera from the iPhone4s is thanks to Sony.

    – improving anything to the iPad is progress and revolutionary for Apple.

  3. IF Steve wanted the highest resolution screens and they weren’t ready but now are — this is why the iPad3 is named the new iPad – setting the new standard.

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