Apple’s new iPad pre-sales sold out worldwide in two days

“Judging from the rate at which the new iPad is disappearing from the 25 Apple online stores — U.S. and foreign — where it is available for pre-sale, demand seems to be at least as intense as it was for the iPad 2,” Phillip Elmer-Dewitt reports for Fortune.

“By Thursday morning, less than a day after it appeared on the U.S. store, ship dates for the 16 GB models had slipped from one day to three,” P.E.D. reports. “By Friday, according to several sources, ship dates for all models in all 25 countries had slipped to anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks.”

P.E.D. reports, “We’ll get a better sense of the level of demand when lines start to form outside the Apple Stores next week. And if sales are particularly strong, we may get a press release from Apple PR the following Monday.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. I would wager as Apple has ramped up production rates for successive generations of iPods and then iPhones and now iPads that a double of the last iPad launch would be typical. What was the last launch run? 1M? Less? More?

    1. Actual it survived better that the comment the author made about the Raspberry Pi roll out.

      That was the worst example to use. The two companies RPI set up exploded, crash and burned for not just for a few hours but much longer. A static page cant take orders…

      Am kind of impressed how well the Apple roll out went.

    2. Yes, this was a major fail – Apple could have sold out of all their stock a full one hour earlier. And I’m sure they lost many people – surely those who couldn’t get their order in immediately after the announcement during the rush just gave up and went and bought a Blackberry Playbook or a Kindle Fire. I’m sure of it.

      Apple really blew this one.

      Of course, this entire article is bullshit, and logical people just waited an hour or two for things to calm down and placed their orders then.

      I tried it once when I was at work not long after the announcement, saw they were having problems keeping up with the load, and waited until I got home from work to order with no problems. And my new iPad will be delivered Friday.

      Wah. Let’s whine and complain over nothing.

      1. You are Joking right…. If people went to the apple store online to buy the new ipad, there is nothing that would persuade them to buy a kindle or one of those android tablets. they are inferior in EVERY way. It is like waiting in line to buy a Ferrari and buying a Honda instead because you are to impatient to wait….. what a poor thing to say. LOL

        1. @Applesmack: Unfortunately, you are a dumbass also. The point SchoolMarm was trying to make was that the author used “lightening” when he meant “lightning,” as in, “an 11 year old girl who’s thinking about lightening her hair.”

          That was not a shot taken at girls, nor disrespectful of women. And while we’re at it, when you’re discussing women as a gender group, swap that “a” for an “e.”

    1. Exactly. I was flying back from Japan the day preorders were opened. Whilst waiting for my connecting flight in LA I decided to order my new phone using my old 3GS.
      Lucky I did because by the time I got back to Sf they had stopped taking orders.
      No company can build inventory to meet the demand for such a complicated product. They could probably sell 5m this week but that would mean ramping up for a long time.
      Everyone will get theirs within a few months and it will be the most successful product in history.

  1. @Breeze is a dip-shit and the author of this article is a click whore… end of story. There’s only so much bandwidth and Apple was taking 100’s of thousand’s of orders all at the same time from all over the globe; I think they did a pretty damn good job considering. Quite your #firstworldproblems bitching and enjoy your new iPad when it arrives.

    1. Concur on all counts. I had to click a few times to get past the server response issues, but the Apple Store was actually relatively responsive considering the incredible load it was under.

      We should all look forward to an incredibly awesome Apple sales report next week. Apple undoubtedly started with a massive initial inventory, and it disappeared very quickly.

    1. I decided to have none shipped to the apple store for me to pick up. Save the bs with the FedEx/ups guys.
      I got an email saying it will be ready for pickup on the 16th… And I ordered on wednesday at 7pm pacific.

      Granted that means nothing.. I still have to wait for the email saying it actually IS ready to be picked up. Which I figure will be closer to December…

  2. Waiting for a Samsung commercial on fans waiting in line for an iPad! Oh, wait! They may no be able to while it’s employees rush out to buy one or two iPads- while waiting in line! LMAO!!!

  3. Just like the iPhone, I’ll go to a rural college town (about 45 min drive), pick up one on the morning of the release date at one of the AT&T stores. No lines. Then grab some awesome local BBQ and beer for lunch. It’s the stores in the city that will have lines and be out of stock. College kids rarely have the cash to buy the lastest-greatest. The same is true for many new releases of anything. Don’t forget to fill up while you’re in the farmlands; gas is about 20 cents less (no outrageous city gas taxes).

    1. “…grab some awesome local BBQ…”

      Where is this place? I’m ready for Q, I’m so ready for Q. Any kind: Texas, St. Louis, Indy, GA, Carolinas…it’s been a long cold winter and I need some good BBQ.

    2. Heh – I replied before reading the whole post.

      We were driving across a mid-western state on a US highway that crossed I-70 earlier today. Two miles south and north of the Interstate the gas prices were 25¢ a gallon cheaper than the stations at the interchange.

  4. This is such BS. Unless you know how many were sold, this is meaningless. Did they make 20,000, or did they make 2,000,000? Watch for MDN to sneer at other sold out products with exactly the same reasoning.

  5. What’s rather pathetic is that Apple probably sold more iPads in two days than Microsoft and partners sold in ten years and the Wintards still think that a Windows 8 tablet is going to turn everything around for Microsoft.

    1. “Wintards still think that a Windows 8 tablet is going to turn everything around….” Well of course it will. FInally, a tablet with fans and a stylus that weighs 6.5 pounds.

  6. I waiting for Nomura, BusinessInsider, Zdnet, etc to ‘explain’ that is was all due to ‘Component Supply Constraints’ and that apple sales will ‘inderperform because of these production ‘problems’ ‘ , that ‘iPad is Dead in the Water’ etc.

    Certain writers in NYT, zdnet, computerworld, Cult of Android etc will skew this to be a big negative. I’m sure NYT’s following their ‘iPad Modest improvements’ article will follow up with “Apple’s epic fail in iPad fullfilment: Has Foxconn Scandal caused a crimp in Apple’s renowned Supply Chain? “. SumofUs will start another monster petition saying that Apple is overworking Fedex workers and not giving them special ‘apple bonuses’. One FedEx guy out of thousands will have hurt his back lifting a pallet of iPads and SumofUs will trot him out as ‘evidence’ , helping him as he tries to sue apple for millions…

    the sad thing is no matter how much I try to satire it.. the real articles by them will be WORSE (I’m continually astonished the garbage the can write and cannot really imagine their next words… )

    1. You are a comic in serious need of a nightclub, my friend. This was the funniest (and closest to the truth) post around here in days!

      PS: The FedEx guys are making a killing in overtime boni (plural of bonus) each time there’s an Apple rollout. You won’t see a one of them complaining (unless he’s stuck behind the counter at Kinko’s).

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