Apple posts video of ‘See and touch’ special event

Watch streaming video from Apple’s “See and touch” special event today in which Apple CEO Time Cook and other Apple executives unveil the new Apple TV, the new iPad, and several new software innovations.

• Apple unveils new iPad featuring Retina display, A5X chip, 5-megapixel iSight camera and ultrafast 4G LTE
• Apple completes iLife for iOS with debut of iPhoto and major updates to iMovie and GarageBand
• Apple brings 1080p high definition to new Apple TV

Watchh the video here.


  1. So exactly what does the “touch” refer to? Did Apple incorporate that Senseq haptic technology? Did I miss something? (don’t answer that! I miss many things every day!)

    But seriously, what is the “touch” aspect?

      1. Sure. Maybe my expectations were set a bit too high when I read here and elsewhere about the Senseq possibility.

        Not having it is certainly not a deal-breaker. Photo-editing by touch – what’s the world coming to anyway?

    1. I wrote years ago that any haptic/Senseq technology tampers with how much crisp and clear the image is. Also, within short time, the surface of such screen would deteriorate because of tiny scratches. So this technology is useless for now.

  2. Excellent presentation. It kept my interest the whole time. I think it highlights that Apple designs amazing (magical) hardware, but it’s the software that really separates Apple from the competition.

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