Six ways to give an old iPad new life

“I warned you. I told you more than a week ago that the iPad 3 media event was imminent, and that the tablet itself likely to follow almost immediately after that, and that if you want to get any money for your original iPad or iPad 2 you’d better act quick,” Tony Bradley writes for PCWorld. “Well, now Apple has officially announced the media event where it is expected to unveil the iPad 3 next week, and the proverbial ‘other shoe’ has dropped. As a result, the used tablet market is flooded, and you’ll have a hard time getting top dollar for your old iPad now.”

Bradley writes, “Here’s a novel idea, though: don’t sell your old iPad. Rather than ditching your old iPad for pennies on the dollar, you can just re-purpose it. There is nothing wrong with it, and it can still live a long, productive life in a wide variety of roles.”

Six ways to give an old iPad new life:
1. Library
2. Presentations
3. Conferencing
4. Point of Sale
5. Digital Frame
6. Hand It Down

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  1. I will buy an iPad 3 for my mother-in-law who spends all day reading books on the iPad 2 she appropriated from my wife. And when she goes home to Russia in June she’ll be able to use it to Skype home whenever she wants (she had never touched a computer before she started using the iPad).

    When the iPad 4 comes out my wife will get one an her iPad 2 will go to my oldest daughter. My oldest daughter’s iPad 1 will then be handed down to my youngest daughter.

    1. Nope, but thanks for playing. All new iDocks come with a sleeve to accommodate the iPad 2. If your dock is a little older Alesis will ship a sleeve for free, or next to nothing but shipping.

  2. Car entertainment system
    Use the iPad 2 for work and iPad 3 for pleasure

    But if you do decide to sell, it will likely end up in the hands of someone who cannot afford a new iPad, and their only alternative is an android tablet!!

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