Apple media event whispers: iPad 3 shipments already en route to U.S., possible pre-orders, two new products

“The first item of note is a purported shipping document for iPad 3 units,” Mark Gurman reports of 9to5Mac.

“The origin seems to be in the WeiPhone forums. According to the image’s poster, the shipping document details shipments beginning Feb. 26 from Foxconn to the United States,” Gurman reports. “the image uploader said iPad 3 (or whatever Apple chooses to call it) shipments are already coming from China for delivery to three of America’s biggest airports. The poster also said the initial deliveries would begin March 9.”

Gurman reports, “Sources said Apple could take iPad 3 pre-orders. Some might remember Apple did not take pre-orders for the iPad 2, but it did for the original iPad… Interestingly, we also heard Apple could gear up to launch two major products in March. The iPad 3 would be the first product, but this second product is currently unspecified. A new Apple TV box could be this product.

Muchd more in the full article here.


  1. I saw an airplane. Based on this, four things will happen:
    1. Apple declares a dividend
    2. A 7″ iPad will be released.
    3. A special 5″ ” BLN” iPhone model is imminent.
    4. Flash will be allowed on all iOS systems.

    A Clueless Analyst

  2. I’ll only believe it if Ballmer makes a sudden announcement about a new technology they’re working on. When Microsoft goes full-on FUD mode you know something big is coming from Apple.

  3. I noticed that no one has Time Capsule now – as of Feb 24 it was back ordered 2 weeks. That got me thinking – perhaps a new Apple TV will be able to use content stored on a new Time Capsule. Or – the killer app and you read it here first – Time Capsule used as a wireless DVR.

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