Adobe briefly posts Photoshop Touch for iPad; App quickly removed from App Store

“Adobe appears to have accidentally published its Photoshop Touch iPad app ahead of schedule,” Electronista reports.

“The utility was reportedly available early Sunday morning in the App Stores for Australia and New Zealand, however it was quickly removed and has yet to resurface,” Electronista reports. “The company already offers a Photoshop Touch tablet app, though the current release is only available for devices running Android.”

Electronista reports, “The Photoshop Touch variant for the iPad 2 is said to carry the same $10 price as its Android counterpart. The app is expected to be officially released on Monday…”

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  1. read a tweet saying it was an Adobe Air app. Prepare for suckitude.

    (and apple should prepare to sell more iPad 3 with extra horsepower to handle the bloated adobe apps.)

    1. iPad 2 processor already screams according to Mr Jobs. If Adobe manages to create a bloated app for iPad I’m hoping Apple won’t approve bloated apps.

      It’s not Apple that has to prepare.

      1. Ahhh agreed.

        iPad2 is wonderful. Desktop apps or apps that seem Equivalent were not meant to running on these type of devices.

        And yet, as more power comes to these devices I think Apple will offer a iPadPro Tablet running OSX 10.8.6 for those wishing a multi-touch portable AirTablet device running true power apps.

        For the rest — iPad as powerful as it gets will be enough.

  2. I hope it’s better than the currently available photo editing apps.

    If it isn’t then it’s a sign that adobe have lost it.

    I’m expecting something special from adobe and if they don’t deliver I will be using the alternative Better apps.

    1. I must use CS5&6 for work – yet I do use more and more often find myself using the alternatives. Can be a slight learning curve but discipline yourself for change as would you any application and new features.

      – Pixelmator is really polished – well worth the price.
      – Intaglio, VectorDesigner, ArtBoard, iDraw – all great – but not as a total Illustrator replacement.
      – FreeWay, Hype, Purple, MotionComposer – never use my Dreamweaver again.
      – iStudio Publisher – is enough layout for the home – Indesign and Quark still for work.

      Depends what you do and what you like.
      But you can arm yourself with alternatives. And some apps are a lot of fun. Adobe killed the fun long ago and we all knw well its bloated code.

      Suggestion fro Adobe… stripe out all the hefty old legacy code and start over from scratch. Make a lead mean suite SPECIFIC to Apple and do it well to retain customers or else they will all flee… take Final Cut Pro as and example. Better yet take Pixelmator as the golden standard or perhaps as a guidance consular.

  3. Apple best have a great iPAD3 overall – if apps will be on board rather then thin client apps.

    Why anyone wants OFFICE on their iPAD is beyond me.
    Some have complained that Keynotes and Pages just isn’t up to par to the Desktop app… but how much are you really doing mobility work wise… iPad is not a laptop — you want that buy a PowerBook – if you want a Apple PowerSlate or Tablet or iPadPro — wait until Apple sells one. If not, “join the dirt-side-of-the-fence”.

    1. Many business enviroments require Microsoft Office — not just highly comparable or highly compatible. For better or worse it’s a requirement — even if only in perception, it’s still a hard requirement.

      If Office becomes available for iPad, it’ll help Apple and Microsoft.

      1. Sorry I can’t see it… for better or worse – Office is a requirement – seems just plain stubbornness and unwilling to change.

        Good debate – if the iPad is entering the corporate world by storm – how will this play out?

        There are alternatives as mentioned a few days ago.
        Why does Apple need help Microsoft? Apple is selling a lot of devices already. Apple wishes acceptance in the offices everywhere – businesses need to think differently.

        Alternatives… Pages etc. and NeoOffice and OpenOffice and they work pretty darn good.

        Why not OpenOffce making a an app for the iPAD first – then corporate offices if wishing an office suite running on their iPADs to use that?

        Plain stubbornness. Yet, when the IT department no longer wants Quark – and CS4 even though not optimized for the Intel chip workers are forced to use Indesign right?

        How dare we change from using Office – lot of babies.

        1. Office has more features than the competition.

          If you need one of those features, there is no substitution. Period.

          For the 90+% who don’t use those features, then yes, there are substitutes, both for iOS and OS X.

          Meanwhile, when will Apple add a grammar checker to Pages? MS Word has had one for eons. It’s not perfect, but it’s good for catching the stupid errors.

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