Samsung sold 20 million Galaxy S II smartphones in 10 months

“Samsung announced today that its Galaxy S II has sold quite well over the past 10 months,” Don Reisinger reports for CNET. “According to the company, it has sold 20 million Galaxy S II units since the device’s launch last April. To put that figure into perspective, Samsung announced last July that it reached 5 million Galaxy S II unit sales 85 days after its launch.”

“Surprisingly, the device’s sales have been accelerating. Back in October, Samsung announced that it had sold 10 million Galaxy S II units during its first six months on store shelves,” Reisinger reports. “Now just four months later, it has doubled that.”

Reisinger reports, “Despite the Galaxy S II’s success, it’s no match for Apple’s iPhone. The Cupertino, Calif.-based company announced last month that it sold 37.04 million iPhones last quarter, alone.”

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MacDailyNews Note:
NPD: Apple iOS market share jumps from 26% to 43%, Android plummets from 60% to 47%

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  1. so the hell did Gartner, NPD and all those other clowns come up with the 36 million smartphones sold by Samsung.

    36 million at an ASP of 500 USD (anything less is not a smartphone), equates to 18 billion USD. Yet Samsung reported 15 billion USD in mobile (phones, devisce and networking equipment) sales.

  2. good for samsung it is not so bad product – BUT its no iPhone 4s – SOME PEOPEL have big fingers… and some people like the galaxy series… BTU IT IS a DEAD END device… it is not UPGRADEABLE os… think about that.

  3. if Google didn’t steal Apple’s, Oracles, Microsofts etc code (over 50 major lawsuits) and samsung didn’t steal Apple’s industrial designs…

    … they would have sold nothing.

    Saying thieves ‘sold’ something they didn’t own in the first place ….

  4. So from October 17, to February 23rd, Samsung shipped/sold roughly 10M SGS2 copycat devices? That’s a little over 4 months. In 3 months Apple sold 37M iPhones, including some older iPhone models. Either way, that’s quite a difference.

    1. You say Neanderthal, but the 3GS can run the *current* Apple iOS 5. A few months-old Samesungs can’t even say the same thing! There’s a *world* of difference between a Samesung Android POS and an iPhone.

  5. I dont think Samsung would sold 20million phones. I have gone to every store they said they still have a lot of those phones. they never sold out that phone not like phones. The author is bs he must love Samsung.

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