Apple may invite Microsoft onto iPad 3 stage to unveil Office for iPad

“It appears Microsoft may finally unveil an iPad version of its bread and butter Office productivity suite,” Seth Weintraub reports for 9to5Mac. “More interestingly, the launch seems timed with a possible on stage presentation at the iPad 3 event in a few weeks.”

“Why would Apple, who has pushed the iWork apps for iPad since day one, want to give Microsoft a stage to showcase its competition? Moreover, why would Microsoft, who is readying its own Windows 8 tablets, want to empower Apple’s iPad with Office, thereby making its own Tablets less valuable when they hit the market …later?” Weintraub asks.

“Looking at Apple’s revenues and earnings, Apple makes what amounts to rounding errors on its software products when compared to hardware sales. With that said, Apple makes awesome software to sell its hardware. If Microsoft makes Office for iPad then it throws the doors wide open in Enterprise for iPad that saw a great deal more success than Macintosh ever did,” Weintraub reports. “For Microsoft, the motivation is getting its tablet software in front of as many eyes as it can before competitors get there first… In addition, I will bet Microsoft charges a significant amount more than $9.99 an app.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ve also heard rumblings that Microsoft will participate in Apple’s rumored March 7 unveiling of their next-gen iPad and that was a major reason for Microsoft’s recent non-denial denial of Office for iPad.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Something tells me Microsft Office on iPad will be Office Super Lite so “nothing to see here, go away.” It’s hampered non-abilities will only make Pages look that much better.

    1. Yeah, I’m also concerned that Microsoft is going to bring some crippled version of Office to the iPad just to make Apple look bad while offering some super slick version on their own Windows 8 tablets. I’m doubtful that Windows 8 tablets will catch much traction with consumers but who can tell before they’re even out.

      I’m really surprised that Microsoft is creating a product for Apple that will compete against their own Windows tablet platform. I suppose the Windows 8 tablet will be running the standard desktop version of Office, though. However, if it really does help the iPad grab further sales from the corporate world, I’m all for it. I’ve been using Microsoft Office for Mac for years and years and I still feel comfortable with using it.

    1. Oh they been developing this iPad3 OFFICE for years – its solid and no spyware … they have a plan and they like it a lot…

      if you can’t beat Apple join them – the WAR is on again and the TROJEN will be office on iPAD – careful now.

  2. My gut says no, because Apple has no intention of giving the impression that it’s iOS needs Office. However, Microsoft’s and Apple’s goals have aligned against Google of late.

    1. Interesting take, especially given Microsoft taking on Motorola. I’m guessing that Microsoft wants to kill android to open up a spot in mobile that they can slip into to make up for 5 years of no product. Looks like Cook & Co. worked out a sweet deal, partnering with Microsoft on Office, and giving it prominent space in the Mobile Market, while Microsoft declines to port it for Android, and along with taking on Motorola for abuse of FRAND Patents.

  3. Probably has more to do with Android. Microsoft is used to having Apple as a competitor which as a single supplier will always be limited in its ultimate market share. on the other hand Android as poor as it is at the moment on tablets is likely to be its major fear as it offers a similar approach to Microsoft itself especially in its ability to offer productivity products for its products. Apple has already taken the top of the market and if Android takes a hold on the lower end before MS can get traction in tablets (as in phones) then Microsoft is in serious trouble that would even threaten its PC market. So to get Office out there on iPad to show what it will do on Win8 tabs when it is unlikely to ever be on Android just might save it the market it is aiming at especially when it launches its own tabs as a true business tool. .

  4. I can’t wait to see how MS butchers the already overly complex user interface of Office when they bring it to the iPad. With ribbons and the keyboard you will probably see about 1/2″ of your document. Add a bunch of multi-level, nested menus and you will have one glorious POS.

  5. Microsoft on-stage with Cook can only mean they’ve agreed to reasonable pricing for a rich feature set. It can’t be crap. This in turn means that MS is slaughtering their cash cow. They have no other option.

  6. Even though I’m a fan of iWork, Office on the iPad would be really nice. But I don’t think this’ll happen. Office is a big, competitive advantage for MS due to its ubiquity. I don’t see too much upside, strategically, for porting it to the iPad, despite mini-apps like OneNote being available. MS is even bundling Office with their future tablet offerings as a carrot.

    I guess we’ll see in a couple weeks. And I hope I’m wrong.

  7. IF the corporate world of america needs Microsoft Office on a damn iPAD then OK — team up with corporate america then – not APPLE.

    APPLE news to approve all apps so GOOD luck MICROSOFT… hope Apple filters out all the spy crap inside well.

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