The Beatles’ first ringtones released worldwide today exclusively on Apple’s iTunes Store

Beginning today, fans around the world can, for the first time, purchase ringtones for the Beatles’ 27 UK and US #1 hits, exclusively on iTunes.

You can assign your favorite tones to your favorite people.

The ringtones can be downloaded for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

• Love Me Do
• From Me To You
• She Loves You
• I Want To Hold Your Hand
• Can’t Buy Me Love
• A Hard Day’s Night
• I Feel Fine
• Eight Days a Week
• Ticket to Ride
• Help!
• Yesterday
• Day Tripper
• We Can Work It Out
• Paperback Writer
• Yellow Submarine
• Eleanor Rigby
• Penny Lane
• All You Need Is Love
• Hello, Goodbye
• Lady Madonna
• Hey Jude
• Get Back
• The Ballad of John and Yoko
• Something
• Come Together
• Let It Be
• The Long and Winding Road

To get ringtones, on your iOS device, tap iTunes Store > More > Tones.


    1. I have never purchased a ringtone. and never will.
      It takes a few minutes (if that) to create your own from whatever you want.

      I made one from the Imperial March (Star Wars: Empire’s theme mainly known when Vader is on screen)
      I still use it today, it’s my mother’s ringtone ;P
      Also made one from Metallica’s “For whom the bell tolls” not the words, the opening Riff with the bells. (gets your head banging fast 😉 )

      Legal? I don’t care… I own the music on CD. If I want to play a snippet of it from time to time… I have to pay more for the little chunk than the ENTIRE song?…

      And besides, iTunes (at least it used to, haven’t tried in a long time) can make a ringtone for you from the songs in the library.

      Every ringtone I have ever heard for sale, is always poorly chosen. it’s almost always the main words to the song and not the best section of the song to do so.
      I’m not a beatles fan, but I can see some of the songs having a decent ringtone made from them, but I can also see them being really poorly chosen.

  1. MacCartney and Lennon were great melody composers, as well as practitioners of experimentation in instruments and timbres.

    Unfortunately, this did not too much in terms of modernism, id est synthesis of arts — such as incorporating film, dances, scenic choreography, costumes, so on. (With the only exception of the great Yellow Submarine film.)

    So, in the long time, they have poorer worldwide legacy comparing to, for example, Jackson, who was at the peak of synthetic modernistic art.

    If only Beatles came later.

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